Jack Black Gives Us Goosebumps in his Awesome On-Screen Specs

Jack Black wears glasses in Goosebumps movie 2016

If you loved the Goosebumps book back in the day, then the latest film from Sony Pictures will certainly bring back some spooky memories. Directed by Rob Letterman, Goosebumps the movie is a big-screen adventure based on the books and is in UK cinemas now.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the official trailer below.

In the film, the famous characters from the Goosebumps book aren’t just a figment of the author’s imagination anymore. Staring teen actors Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush, the action-packed family movie tells the story of two school kids who take on the characters that have come to life and are terrorising their town.

Jack Black also plays a starring role in the movie as original Goosebump’s author R.L. Stine, which explains his interesting new eyewear look – Stine is always pictured in a pair of signature glasses.

Jack Black’s Goosebumps Glasses

Throughout the film, Jack Black’s eccentric character wears a pair of think-rimmed black glasses with round lenses.

Black brings a modern new twist to the role with his hipster-ish eyewear. While Stine is well-known for his subtle rectangular frames, his movie counterpart has opted for a more eye-catching, on-trend look.

It wasn’t just a new look that Black gave his character though. In a recent interview, he said:

“I wanted to give [my Stine] a little extra gravitas,” says Black. “I couldn’t just be good, old Jables playing the genius writer, so I wanted to do someone who was considered a genius and maybe had a dark secret.”

Well, we think he definitely succeeded, as Black’s character adds a dark and brooding edge to the film. And of course, we commend his choice of cool and quirky glasses!

Jack Black Goosebumps glasses

Here at SelectSpecs, we’re always on the look out for on-screen specs, and after a bit of research we’ve identified Jack Black’s eyewear.

The awesome glasses he wears throughout the movie have been confirmed as the Afton RX glasses from celebrity favourite brand Oliver’s People. They feature statement black frames with three distinctive dots on the front and sides of the frames.

Jack Black wear Glasses in Goosebumps

While this particular frame style isn’t available at SelectSpecs, we have some amazing dupes to suit every budget. Here are three styles that will give you the Jack Black look.

Luxury – Celine CL41382


Celine CL41382 glasses

If we didn’t know better, we would think these were the actual glasses Jack Black wore throughout the film. These designer glasses feature almost the exact same rounded shape and thick black frames and even have the same silver dot detail on the side.

The luxury Celine CL 41382 glasses come in black and will give you that intellectual author look in an instant.

Mid-Range – Hallmark SD22114

Hallmark SD2114 glasses

Alternatively, these stylish men’s glasses are a close copy to Jack Black’s hipster specs, with simple rounded frames a classic black finish.

They’re the Hallmark SD22114 prescription glasses in black, which come in at just £50 and are available at SelectSpecs. A perfect choice for everyday wear.

Budget – Savannah 2249

Savannsh 2249 glasses

Finally, if you’re on a budget, the Savannah 2249 glasses are an affordable option. They feature similar black frames and silver side detail as Jack Black’s on-screen specs, but will set you back just £10. The matte black frames have a soft rubbery feel and can be fitted with your usual prescription lenses.

So, will you be going to see Goosebumps in cinema this weekend? What do you think of Jack Black’s smart spectacled look in the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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