Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Coolest Sunglasses

The ninth movie of Quentin Tarantino and one of the most anticipated ones, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” can be considered his love letter to Hollywood. In fact we all can agree that the main protagonist of this movie is a dreamy “Hollywood” of the late ’60.

We can see Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt driving through a magical bright LA, with one of the most beautiful soundtracks in movie’s history!

The superstar duo are best friends in this fantastic adventure, both struggling to find their next career step through the big changes of the late 60’s era, where the cultural panorama of hippies was risen and influencing strongly Hollywood movie’s production too.

The movie cannot be more cool! Thanks above all to the precise details in terms of fashion: the chosen wardrobe for the entire cast is absolutely fabulous. Vintage pieces, denim on denim, gold jewellery and aviators are the key markers of a super stylish era.

And, since we love helping you find the best eyewear of the moment, this Tarantinto’s latest masterpiece has made things easy for us.

Let’s have a look together!

Brad Pitt Coolest Sunglasses

Maybe, Leonardo di Caprio (Rick Dalton) is the main protagonist but Brad Pitt’s character, Cliff Booth has stolen our hearts for sure.

He is a stunt man, and the absolute hero of the movie. Tarantino wanted him to be almost “deadly good” in his combat skills.

But, what we all enjoyed very much were his long driving scenes with the most captivating songs of the 60’s in the background, and his super casual vintage look.

Even if you are not a vintage lover, Cliff’s looks are so classic and modern in the same time, they will make you want to copy them immediately.


Levi’s jeans, denim jackets and aviator sunglasses are an evergreen must and the coolest match ever made.

Cliff’s aviator sunglasses are without doubt the accessory markers of taste in the sixties Hollywood.

These Ray-Ban RB3025JM AVIATOR FULL COLOR can give you that effortless cool look, which is the characteristic of our hero Cliff.


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Leonardo Di Caprio “Hollywood Star” Sunglasses

Leonardo di Caprio is the TV- cowboy Rick Dalton, who is worried for his career in the Hollywood of today. Hollywood now is not so much interested in cowboys anymore.


What is clearly common in the two characters is that they both excel in the style stakes!

Rick Dalton, brown leather jacket, gold jewellery and again a pair of tortoise squared aviators are a splendid match to flaunt for your most fashionable days.

These Ray-Ban RB3533 squared aviator sunglasses are a good lookalike to Rick’s sunglasses. They have a classical/minimal design for a maximum impact.

Once-Upon- a-Time-in-Hollywood-Leonardo-di-Caprio-sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB3533

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Margot Robbie “Wannabe Diva” Sunglasses

Sharon Tate, played by the gorgeous Margot Robbie, is the quintessence of the sixties fashion.

She was a glamorous fashion icon at that time and represent in the movie, the “new light” of the changing Hollywood. Plus she was the wife of the super famous Roman Polanski, whose house happen to be next to our protagonist Rick Dalton.


As we can see in the picture above, her style is fabulous: white mini skirt, black turtleneck, white boots and oversized pink sunglasses. A true pioner of that times.



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If you want to copy her look these FRENCH CONNECTION PREMIUM FCA050 oversized sunglasses are the perfect match for your fashionable parties!

Let us know, in the comment section below if you have seen and enjoyed as much as we did “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

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