Portugal Travel Guide: Madeira

Portugal is the definition of color, rhythm and life as its places are created as a gift from God. One of the natural beauties which benefits from Mediterranean climate is the island of Madeira. According to tripadvisor.com:

Madeira is a Portuguese island in the Atlantic, west of the Mediterranean. Madeira has many visitors each year, and has some great landscapes, gardens, flowers, and sublime tropical climate. Madeira has a number of beaches scattered around its coastline.

The most popular destinations within this area are places such as Funchal, Canico, Calheta or Ponta do Sol.

And if you think, this is the twin sister of Ibiza, Madeira offers you diversity with beautiful landscapes, rocks and abundance of culture.

Find out the best locales & must see sights below.

A Friendship Between Mountain & Water

North coast view 🔝🔝 ( Photo by @jonirsouza )

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You can’t visit Madeira with a bad camera as the views that are at your disposal exemplify perfection.

Although a tourist might be tempted to think this is the perfect place for beaches, Madeira is a mix.

Huffingtonpost.com underlines that:

 The island isn’t a beach destination. The island might well be 35 miles long and 13 miles wide and boast 99 miles of coastline, but the shore is all rock and cliffs. It’s a mountainous island; the highest peak is 1862 meters.

The proximity to the sea makes this place idyllic as the mountains and cliffs seem to be painted by a high-rated artist.

There is no wonder why the background is ideal if you adore enjoying a swim while the mountainous island lies at your feet.

And what about the mix of green and blue as the green of nature seems to dance with the pure blue water.

A Surfing & Swimming paradise

With average temperatures of 22-23 degrees during the summer, Madeira is your destination if surfing is your second life.

There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you surf over the beautiful and transparent water of the North Atlantic Ocean.

We didn’t ignore you, the Michael Phelps wannabe who adores enjoying the beauty of the sea.

Porto Moniz is the best place for you to swim as the image caught by eyes has the potential to be transformed into a professional painting.

It seems like a place left by nature to delight our souls and bodies, far from the traffic jams of the big cities.

Cloud Nine

Majestic and beautiful mountains, Pico do Arieiro, Madeira, Portugal 🇵🇹

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How about a Rendez-Vous with the clouds? It is the gift of the mountains as Pico do Arieiro is the place where your hikes and adventurous trips culminate in a special date with nature.

Free of charge, feeling as if you’re touching the sky is priceless. The cliffs and rocks are your little helpers in order to reach the infinity of clouds.

Spectacular Sunrise & Sunset

Good morning with an amazing sunrise 🌞 ( Photo by @maralisandracalaca )

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If you spend your honeymoon here, there is no room for regrets. This is a top class choice if you want to spend your morning in a chaise lounge, hugging your other half and watching the beauty of nature unfolding in front of you.

The sunset seems to be surreal as the whole place seems to go to sleep. The surroundings seem to play a quiet and calm song while turning red, yellow or orange.

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