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Simona Halep is a professional tennis player from Romania. She has been on the top 50 WTA at the end of 2012, and by the end of the 2013 she won her first 6 WTA titles.

Simona was a phenomenon, being young but very talented. People were interested in her progress and in 2015 she has been awarded with WTA Most Popular Player of the Year.

Her story began when she was 4. She discovered her talent and in 2008 while playing in a junior competition.

Simona has determination and passion for tennis, and today she is 4th WTA tennis player.

Loved by her country and abroad. In Romania she has a lot of fans and is very proud for what she is doing. An example of a simple girl fighting for her dreams.

Tennis games can be tough, but not for Simona, she is a champion!

Active on social media, and Simona receives a lot of messages from people around the world.

We want to take a look at her progress in tennis and her style. Being young and famous must be exhausting, but she needs to take care of her image.


#firstwin#goodmatch😊#lovemyoutfit❤️😍 @adidastennis

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On the tennis court she feels alive. For Simona 2016 has been a good year having made a successful performance in Singapore.

She won another tournament in Montreal in 2016 against tennis player Madison Keys. About the same time, the press caught onto her talent and victory.

Another trophy for her collection means more work, and it is never easy to play and stay focused.




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She doesn’t have too much time to relax because she is always traveling or practicing for her next games. But Simona always finds time for her fans on Instagram or Facebook.

She posts pictures of enjoying a car ride, being with family or getting some fresh air outdoors.

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If we could be with Simona for one day, we are sure she is very active every moment.

She is taking pilates classes to help her be more flexible and increase her resistance. Also, Pilates is a way to recover from muscle strain and stress.



#😊 #hublot #beautifulday

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This is the smile of a winner! Even if she is not winning all the time, she keeps her smile on.

Simona attends different parties or events and she loves to wear fashionable outfits. With a proud and relaxed  attitude , Simona knows how to catch people’s attention.

Wearing a black floral suit and a pair of pink stilettos, she is absolutely gorgeous. Her outfit is simple, but sophisticated and she knows just how to style it.

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In the snap above, Simona is with Ilie Nastase, the world’s no.1 professional tennis player. Ilie is always by her side, encouraging her with best advice. They have a warm friendship and Simona is very grateful for him.

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