Vintage Glamour: Actress Sophia Loren

Eternal beauty. As metaphorical as it sounds, this is the perfect definition of Sophia Loren. The Italian actress is now aged 82, but trying to undermine her style and fashion is nonsense. The famous magazine Harper’s Bazaar named her the epitome of glamour and her style has always been considered as legendary. 

But what makes Sophia such a special figure on the red carpet? For one: she is bilingual as style is her second language.

Even though her professional debut was in the 1950s, the actress remains beautiful and stylish in 2017.


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The black and white pictures of Sophia Loren point out one of the common aspects of fashion and style of the 1960s: the omnipresence of sparkling necklaces and earrings at formal events.

All throughout the years, she impressed the audience with her impeccable jewelry. The priceless pieces transformed her into a fashion icon.

As a matter of fact, the website sells necklaces and earrings from the Sophia Loren collection.

And there’s no surprise that they represent luxury choices. Both items are set for a price which exceeds €8000.

Elegant Dress

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Never rule out an Italian when it comes to the right piece of clothing for the right event.

With every occasion, her dresses shouted very clearly: ‘sex-appeal! Regardless of color, being red burgundy, black or white.

Sophia Loren knew just how to wear a dress to be seen as elegant and attractive. It was always about the right shoes, the perfect bag or the most extravagant hat.

Her mania for white and summer dresses made her quite the popular icon. She’s even been noted an the inspiration behind the 2013 summer collection of Dolce&Gabbana.

According to, although she adopted this style in the 1960s, her floral dresses remained fashionable for stars throughout the years.

Beauty: A State of Mind

For the actress, it doesn’t make a difference if she has to attend an important event or just a social event designed to bring the best out of her off-duty style.

She always ”wears” her beauty. Every outfit has the same features: it’s simple, fits the event, goes well with footwear, showy cleavage and a powerful attitude.

She was never shy of using the gift of beauty to her advantage as people will always be fond of a classy Italian lady. Respect, ragazza!

Large Frames

Fashion trends evolved all throughout the decades. As we know, in the 1960s and 1970s there was a big boom in terms of glasses or sunglasses with big lenses.

These frames became a trademark style and Sophia Loren has always been a fashionista on point.

Let’s admire her choice of smoky black lenses adopted for a black outfit. It’s no wonder why the actress is a sex-symbol.

Although we can’t offer you a perfect copy, our choice is very close to Sophia’s shades: the Prada PR05SS. Famous for their big lenses, this luxurious pair is the answer to every problem.

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