Steal Her Style: Zara Larsson

Pop queen Zara Larsson is one of the best things to come out of Sweden in the last 5 years and her brand new album, So Good, released this month, includes some of her biggest hits to date. Including Lush Life and Ain’t My Fault.

Her recent hit, So Good, which also shares the name of the album is as sassy as she. But what we really love about the video is her bold and alternative sense of style. It goes hand in hand with her outspoken personality. She may be just 19 years old but this female artist is already very grown up when it comes to awareness and understanding of global issues. And she is never scared to stand up for what she believes in. Girl power is something that she channels with her music and her fashion sense, and she has been known to talk about the importance of feminism above anything else, even her work in the music industry.

“Women’s rights are more important than my career. And if my career dies because I said something political? I don’t want to live in that world.”

Zara’s wardrobe is definitely as daring and confident as she is, and there’s a huge element of fun involved too. From glittery festival style and trophy jackets to rock ‘n’ roll inspired pieces and edgy accessories to make her stand out from the crowd,  Zara’s wardrobe is far from drab. If you love Zara’s sense of fashion, here are some great style steals to help you get her look.

Zara’s Dior Sunglasses


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Get Zara’s edgy Dior look with some chic Diors of your own. These Dior DIORREFLECTED shades are similar in design and come in 7 different colours, perfect for the summer.

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Zara’s Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Berlin treated me too nice

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These heart shaped sunglasses are so much fun and are perfect for festivals or beach holidays in 2017. If you love these adorable shades, steal Zara’s style with these hot pink Moschino MO585 shades…

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Zara’s Coloured Lens Sunglasses


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These cute teddy bear shades as seen on Lara’s Instagram are just adorable. Rocking a Kawaii inspired look, the pop singer’s vibe is playful and rock ‘n’ roll at the same time. If you love her coloured lenses, why not try these fab Ray-Bans…

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Zara’s Mirrored Sunglasses

First stop, Haiti 🇭🇹 🇭🇹 #RoyalCaribbean #HarmonyOfTheSeas

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Flash lenses are a must-have for the summer and here, Zara is rocking the mirrored look with a yellow / orange lens and a gorgeous yellow bikini. Get the look now with these chic Dior DIORREFLECTED sunglasses, available in 5 different colour combinations at SelectSpecs.

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