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Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker
Image Credit: BBC

Sadly, for the final time, it was goodnight from him this week. Regretfully the shining beacon of comedy was finally extinguished this week after the passing of Ronnie Corbett. His publicist announced that the star was at his bedside with his family in his final moments.

In 2012, the highly respected actor was given a CBE for his dedication to charity and the entertainment industry. He had suffered a couple of health related issues in the past few years, including gallbladder problems.

Aged 85, he was arguably one of the greatest British entertainers of all time. Part of the iconic Two Ronnies featuring his comedic partner in crime Ronnie Barker, they pulled in TV audiences in excess of fifteen million.

In spite of him being on the diddy side, Corbett stands a giant amongst comedy royalty. Over the last few days, many celebrities have been paying their respects from far flung destinations. Veteran American singer Alice Cooper declared about Corbett in a statement;

Even Americans know who Ronnie Corbett is. I was fortunate to do a few talk shows with him over the years. I became his ‘flatmate’ in a commercial, and even played golf with him. The Two Ronnies are reunited in a better place. Heaven is better than London, isn’t it?

In addition, Candy man Robbie Williams took to social media in order to show his affection for Corbett. He posted on Twitter an image of a tattoo on the side of his neck depicting two pairs of specs. This also signifies the integral role glasses played when it came to the Two Ronnies:

Meanwhile, PM David Cameron paid homage to Corbett proclaiming that he had a “rare talent of making all generations laugh”. As part of the Two Ronnies, Corbett went on to become without doubt one of the funniest double acts of a generation. They’re not only among the comedy elite, but have surpassed in some ways the likes of Abbot and Costello, not to mention Morecambe and Wise.

Lasting for sixteen years, the sketch show was his and Barker’s platform to unleash a melange of hilarious character led scenes coupled with impeccable linguistic timing.

But it was the spectacles that were literally so eye-catching! Even before the Two Ronnies launched onto our screens, Corbett was making a great spectacle of himself. This can be seen in the thick black framed glasses he was accustomed to wearing in programmes including Sorry.

However, it was the iconic specs that were key to his makeup. This can be clearly seen in the opening title sequence of the Two Ronnies, which feature both pairs of specs.

There are too many iconic moments to mention from the portfolio of this remarkable raconteur. From the infamous Chair where Corbett would deliver his anecdotal gems to possible one of the funniest sketches in recent comedic times – Four Candles.

The much loved Corbett was certainly an advocate of horn rimmed spectacles. Here is our own salute to the effervescent entertainer with our Top 3 Ronnie Corbett glasses:

3. Savannah Black 2444

Black thick rimmed glasses at SelectSpecs

Available in black or blue, why not tip your hat as well as your eyewear with the Savannah 2444. These glasses are pretty similar to Ronnie’s, which is largely in part thanks to their thick-rimmed square shape.

On top of this, it comes with deep lenses that are tailored to a number of different face shapes. Pop a pair of these on and you’ll soon be thinking of your own one liners!

2. Ray-Ban RX5184

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer glasses at SelectSpecs

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You can definitely see the allure with this swanky pair of thick black framed specs. Whether you want to deliver an anecdote a la Ronnie Corbett or not, these Ray-Ban New Wayfarer‘s are the perfect tribute.

The New Wayfarer provides a much more rectangular look and takes its inspiration from the classic retro design of old. Suitable for a host of face shapes, it is available in a choice of three sizes.

Featuring premium acetate, these glasses are extremely hard wearing and can stand the harshest of punch lines. This is rounded off with the signature Ray-Ban logo which is neatly embossed on the arms

1. Tradition 7009

Ronnie Corbett glasses at SelectSpecs

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This old school design from Tradition 7009 will have you harking back to Messers Barker and Corbett in no time.

Like the brand name, this style is typically traditional from the 60’s, when Ronnie rose to fame. Just a few of its benefits include the the option to be fitted with bifocal and varifocal lenses, which can be worn by either ladies or gents.

Its vintage thick rim frame features the characteristic oversized square lenses that Ronnie Corbett could so often be found strutting about in.

Did you know snooker legend Dennis Taylor has his own glasses range?  See here for more details.

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