Top 5 Beauty Blogs To Start Reading Right Now

For many beauty lovers, reading up about the latest beauty trends and updates is one of the ways we like to get our ‘fix’ so to speak.

While some of us like to read magazines to get our beauty news, reading beauty blogs is currently a very popular, and easy way to find out the latest in cosmetics.

So, here are five beauty blogs that you should start reading now.

1. Blusher and Blogging


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Blusher and Blogging is a beauty blog by actress and skincare ambassador Susie Amy, and the blog is a combination of her two passions: writing and beauty.

She shares her favourite cosmetic products, skin care tips, and beauty treatments.

As well as sharing her love for beauty, Susie Amy also talks about lifestyle, health, fitness and travel.


2. Beauty Junkie London

Beauty Junkie London is a beauty blog run by writer Jen, who is based in London.

She writes about her beauty musings, along with ‘fun bits; of travel, city life and style.

Starting this blog as a creative outlet in 2009, writing about cosmetics has become a full-time job for Jen, who loves to review her favourite brands and products.


3. London Beauty Queen

London Beauty Queen is run by full-time writer Hayley Carr, who is based in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, London and her local Starbucks.

She writes detailed posts on the latest beauty trends, product reviews and top beauty buys.

She also writes advice articles about the blogging community, such as how to turn your blog into a brand for fellow bloggers who want to turn their blogs into a money-making business.


4. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is a beauty blog showcasing a daily dose of in-depth, honest and frank reviews on drugstore and high-end products of all types: hair, cosmetics, skincare and nails.

The blog’s owner is a woman of mystery who prefers to keep her identity quiet, but what we do know is that she works on the beauty blog on a full-time basis and she is dedicated to posting her opinions and swatches for all beauty fanatics to see.


5. Cassie Maie

Cassie Maie is a self-titled beauty blog.

Cassie Maie is from South-West England and she works full-time, but in her spare time, she dedicated her time to ballet and beauty blogging, which includes reviews and recommendations of the products she has tried, tested out and given her seal of approval.

As well as recommending beauty products, Cassie Maie also talks fashion and lifestyle.

Here are some more beauty blogs you should definitely check out:


Tijan Serena

Amelia Liana

The Anna Edit

Beautifully Brown

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