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Who knew video-sharing website YouTube would bring a whole new breed of celeb when it first launched in 2005?  Today, we can literally YouTube anything, whether that’s finding the best advice on budget make-up, new game reviews before they’ve been released, or just checking videos of dogs acting stupid (my personal favourite.)

With all this wealth of free information and catchy personalities, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite YouTuber’s wearing their favourite shades, because why not?

1. Lily Melrose’s Miu Miu 10NS

First up is Lily Melrose, with her ever-growing following with 171,509 subscribers (at last count) on YouTube alone.  She caught our eye in her recent post about her new Miu Miu 10NS sunglasses, one of our old-time favourites.

Lily says: “They are comfortable to wear, go with pretty much everything and [there] are always compliment prompters whenever I wear them which is always a added bonus..”

We couldn’t agree more.  Search ’10NS’ on our website to see all colour variations available in this model, there’s 16 different options, including glitter choices!

2. Lily Pebble’s Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Happy sunny Saturday everyone! Spending time with friends today in London

A photo posted by Lily Pebbles (@lilypebbles) on

We get the impression Lily has quite an impressive sunglasses collection, just flicking through some of her 398 videos on YouTube and you’ll probably spot a few brands of shades in several lookbook-esque clips.

But when it comes down to choosing only one Lily insists “[Ray-Ban Wayfarers] are my absolute fave” – and who could argue with her?

Timeless appeal, check out the Original Wayfarer’s design, or the modern and updated New Wayfarer’s we tend to fall for.

3.Fleur DeForce’s Ray-Ban Aviators

fleur-deforce-ray-ban-sunglasses Now we’re getting onto some of YouTube’s homegrown giants – Fleur has over 1 million subscribers on her channel and released her own book not too long ago.  She probably owes her whole livelihood to everything she films about and much to our envy, is jetted off to all kinds of exotic locations over the world too.

Meaning just like Lily, this lady has a lot of sunglasses.  But, we’ve picked out these cool red/orange Ray-Ban Aviators from her recent ‘Summer Getaway Lookbook’ video because we think they could be the next big thing.

(A similar pair has also been seen on Ciara in her new Dance Like We’re Making Love video!)

4. Pewdiepie’s Persol PO0714

Seatbelt selfie for the purpose of safety. A photo posted by PewDiePie (@pewdiepie) on

Should he change his name to ‘Mr YouTube himself’?  He is probably the biggest earner on YouTube ever and we can see why – he does all kind of crazy things just for his fan’s amusement, gives hilarious game running-commentary and is just generally awesome (we love his girlfriend Marzia too.)

So when we spotted he might be wearing a pair of classic Persol PO0714 in this Instagram post we nodded our head in appreciation  – Persol is a good choice Senpai.

5. & 6. Alfie Deyes Ray-Ban’s and Zoella’s Saint Laurent Classic’s

Shades on – @zozeebo –

A photo posted by Alfie Deyes (@pointlessblog) on

Dubbed ‘ZALFIE’, Zoella and Alfie are the Posh & Becks of YouTube. Who hasn’t wasted precious hours on at least one of their channels?  Ashamedly, we’d even admit to watching the pair playing The Sims together!  

But who can blame us?  With their double-team star appeal it makes sense they own some seriously luxurious eyewear.  In this picture alone we can tell Alfie might be modelling a version of Ray-Ban’s Erika model and Zoe the Saint Laurent Classic 11.

7. A Model Recommends’ Burberry Garbadine

a_model_recommends_burberry_sunglasses Fair enough listening to make-up advice from the people who’ve actually tried the products, but a professional model giving you make-up advice?  That’s priceless!  Yes, for absolutely no fee at all Ruth Crilly set up her own YouTube channel to do exactly that and we bet she knows her Mac from her Max Factor too.

Occasionally she throws in lifestyle videos in the mix too, with a recent post on her blog about her very new sunnies.  “These Burberry sunglasses are the absolute business.”  She says, “If someone could have read my mind and secretly designed me my perfect summertime eyewear then these oversized Gaberdine glasses would have been the result.”

Not bad for a free gift she received from working with Burberry, not bad at all.

8. & 9. Tanya Burr D&G Cat Eye’s and Nicola from PixiWoo’s Diamante Embellished Sunnies

A photo posted by Tanya Burr (@tanyaburr) on

We don’t know how, but most of the popular YouTuber’s seem to be related or connected in some way. Take Tanya Burr for example, wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s DG4237 from their children’s selection – yes we do kids sunglasses! – she’s mates with Zoella above and is soon to be the sister-in-law to Nicola Haste, from the YouTubing duo Pixiewoo.

Nicola’s diamante embellished sunnies haven’t gone a miss here, we can’t tell which brand they are (can you?), but we do have a dedicated section to show you all diamante decorated sunglasses here.  We particularly like Roberto Cavalli’s RC827S.

Who’s your favourite YouTuber?  Have they posted about their favourite sunnies?  Tell us!

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