Top Steampunk Glasses: How to Get Steampunk Style in Seconds

When we think of vintage fashion, we mostly think of anything from the 1920s onwards. But today, let’s look a little further and take it back another ten decades into the past. The 19th Century subculture of steampunk and steampunk fashion is still very popular today – so much so that there are steampunk societies and members only clubs all over the UK.

If you love everything steampunk then you will know that steampunk style spectacles are the quickest and easiest way to transform your outfit into this eccentric vintage style, which is inspired by the science fiction and steam-powered machinery of that time.

Steampunk goggles and steampunk glasses have become the signature accessory for this post-apocalyptic look and they make a must-have item for anyone first starting out in their Victorian fashion journey. Here are our top steampunk spectacles for steampunk enthusiasts.

Julbo 010 Vermont Classic

These fantastic steampunk style sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for steampunk fashion fans. They emulate the round lens look of classic Victorian goggles and the extended loop style temples create a very authentic, industrial aesthetic. The Julbo 010 Vermont Classic for men make the ideal Christmas present for a fanatical steampunk fan and will provide perfect coverage and UV protection from every angle.

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Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER

If you’re looking for the perfect compromise between vintage and sporty, these tinted shades (which are designed for winter sports and outdoor activities) will tick all of your boxes. The Vuarnet brand has been a prestigious name since the 1980s and Vuarnet glasses have been the spectacles of choice for some of the world’s most famous explorers and extreme outdoor enthusiasts – they have even been worn by famous actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal in 2015 film Everest and Daniel Craig in the most recent James Bond movie, Spectre. Featuring leather side wings at the temples and a handy neck string, they’re as practical as they are stylish. Get the Vuarnet VL1315 GLACIER glasses online now (available in 8 different colours).

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Cébé Lhotse

Classic Victorian steam goggles may feature a full round lens but we have a contemporary version which may sway you….the Cébé Lhoste spectacles come in a slick aviator style whilst still retaining a vintage inspired steampunk look, making them perfect for vintage fashion fans who like to mix old with new. These sunglasses are fitted with removable blinkers, giving you great versatility; take on a whole new look every single day depending on event or occasion. The anti-reflective coating will help to prevent glare and eye fatigue, and the soft materials will ensure a comfortable, flexible fit. Get the look with our Cébé Lhotse sunglasses.

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Cébé Basecamp

Steampunk fashion was created with a fictional post-apocalyptic influence and these stylish specs by Cébé channel just that. Appropriately named ‘Basecamp’, these dark, enigmatic shades have a very masculine vibe; think military, think utility, think action, think ready for battle. But don’t let the masculine style deter you ladies, because these fantastic sunglasses (which are ideal for all year round wear) are designed for both men and women. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a G.I Jane or a steampunk hero, get the look by shopping the Cébé Basecamp unisex glasses online now.

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