Victoria Beckham’s Favourite Pair of Sunglasses

Would you believe me if I told you that Victoria Beckham was spotted two times last week on the streets of NYC with the same shades?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: fashion icons do not repeat their outfits. But apparently, this doesn’t account for sunglasses. If you’re still having doubts, they are about to be shattered!

Posh was caught leaving the Soho hotel in which she was staying. Her outfit combination, impeccable as always, was made even better with the oversized rectangular glasses that matched her hair and tan perfectly.

Now, judging from the past, we know she is a great fan of oversized shades, but this particular model seems to have grabbed her attention. Check out her look from the day before!

So, did Victoria simply forget to bring another pair of shades to New York, or is she perhaps trying to make a statement?

I bet on the latter. Shades, just like other accessories, and sometimes even more than any other piece, are very versatile. It is their applicability and timelessness that makes them so precious a piece in a wardrobe of every woman.

Gorgeous Posh also sported the similar look back in September 2013.

Ok, I admit, it’s a different colour, but the model is the same. This proves that, despite the fact there are some items only popular for a season or two, there are others that will last and last and last.

To make sure what I’m saying is convincing, you should check out the offer we have at Selectspecs. Among many others that resemble Victoria’s pick, I would recommend paying attention to Bvlgari’s model BV8139B and a similar version BV8120B.


These are highly elegant, ladylike shades, created for all those who feel like divas within. The possibility of choosing between two colours – black for those who are more traditional and havana with a dark brown gradient for the bolder ones – making them even more appealing and convenient for all sorts of outfits!

The other model I would draw your attention to is TODS’ TO0126 that comes in four tones and is certain to make every casual outfit outstanding.


Still reluctant you can’t find an affordable yet quality pair of sunglasses, that is both universal and everlasting? See for yourself then, visit our website, or connect with us via social networks and see what others are saying. We’d like to hear your opinion too!

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