YouTube Inspiration: Dina Tokio Eyewear Style

Youtube Inspiration: Dina Tokio Eyewear Style

A UK YouTuber and fashion blogger, known predominantly as Dina Tokio, who has most recently added the title author to her resume. With over one million followers on Instagram, this hijabi fashionista and mother-of-two has become an influencer of trends across cultures. Let’s take a look at some of her most recent eyewear looks and how you can style them to fit your aesthetic:

Silver Linings

A classic pair of round sunglasses in shades of silver and grey are a universal staple! Try these Just Cavalli JC840S version and thank us later. Throw them on with an array of the pastel tones trending for summer 2018. Go with flowing, light layers to fend off the summer heat, or your favourite cutoffs. Mix and match accessories, wear gold and silver together, as Dina can be seen doing above.

Just Cavalli JC840S

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Split Personality

Can’t decide what to wear? Kind of a monochrome person? You don’t have to choose a non-colour, these MICHAEL KORS MK2059 CARTAGENA sunnies are both black and a kind of silver-tinted transparent, and are perfect for the indecisive individuals out there! Pair with an all-black outfit for some much-needed drama, or throw on some tropical print ensemble, the choice is yours.

All About the Specs

While we all need a trusty pair of sunglasses for the summer months, some of us need glasses all year round! For those of us who are somewhat visually challenged, it is nice to change it up every once in a while. These Rider Rider Flex Gold specs will help you do just that! These golden statement aviator frames will make you the talk of the town, and should really be paired with some of your edgier style pieces.

 Rider Rider Flex Gold

Ovals for Every Occasion

This throwback 90s look is a must-have for any fashion enthusiast. These MORGAN Eyewear 207154 are not only fashion forward but affordable too! Go all out reminiscent with this style and mix and match all your 90s pieces. Oversized hoops, flared jeans, and crop tops are all great choices.

MORGAN Eyewear 207154

The Modern Aviator

Are aviators just not your thing anymore? Have you had enough of them? Well there’s a new rounded, feminine twist on them, that will have you falling back in love with this versatile shape. These Furla SFU104s are a great example, a minimalistic, softer version of the classic shape. Pair with loose fitting alternating stripes like Dina, or put your own spin of them, but definitely give them a try.

Pretty in Plastic

Having flashbacks of old-school Paris Hilton? We don’t blame you, but give this quirky style a chance and you may be surprised how much you love it! Try on a pair of MICHAEL KORS MK2061 SEVILLE shades for size, and feel free to wear everything pink you own with them, or not. As always the choice is yours, just always remember to take risks with your style choices and let your fashion sense tell your story.

A lot of throwback shapes are making a comeback as of late, find out which ones are here to stay, here!

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