Don’t Blink! Steal Our Favourite Time Lord’s Sonic Specs

He’s the trail-blazing Time Lord that introduced us to fishfingers and custard and insisted that bow ties were cool. Forever the aficionado of all things alien, The Doctor has also picked up some serious style savvy during his adventures through time and space. From wide-brimmed hats paired with impractically long multi-coloured scarves, to relaxed pinstripe suits teamed with Converse, he’s mostly recently been seen donning the controversial (but pretty darn nifty) Sonic Sunglasses. Yes, The Doctor is definitely partial to a pair of killer specs or two!

We’ve rounded up our favourite looks from recent years and made it easy for you to pinch some of that Galifreyan chic for yourself!

A Touch Of Ten

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When he wasn’t busy analysing the Void with his fantastic 3D glasses, David Tennant’s Doctor would often sport a pair of tortoise-shell rectangular specs (during situations that required particular concentration!). The Doctor himself would later reveal that these were entirely unneeded and only worn to “look a bit clever” – but who are we to judge?

Grab the (fully functional!) Antares 6739 to channel the Tenth Doctor’s own brand of geek chic.

Antares 6739

Antares 6739

“Going My Way, Doll?”

Remember when we thought the Doctor and Rose would just stay together forever and nothing/nobody would ever get in the way of their perfect partnership for the rest of time? Cue a throwback to one of our favourite Ten x Rose moments.

Stepping out of the TARDIS in all of their Fifties finery, the duo’s playful get-up in The Idiot’s Lantern represents them at the height of their carefree, humanity-saving days. We adore Rose’s retro oval sunnies, which match back perfectly with the pretty pink accents of her outfit.

Not one to be outdone, The Doctor looks every bit the part too in his classic mirrored Aviators. Capture Rose’s look with the gorgeous MAX&Co. 264/S – a new Fifties favourite! – and get ready to rock n’ roll with the The SS Collection S2242. Is there any other way to go, Daddy-O?

The SS Collection S2242

The SS Collection S2242

The Galifreyan Gentleman

This fez-donning, Geronimo-exclaiming regeneration smartened up his look from his predecessor, dressing in tweeds, waistcoats and, yes, bow tie galore! He was also often spotted wearing an oval full-rimmed pair of specs (when a certain Amy Pond hadn’t pinched them for herself!), only adding to his newly-found scholarly style.

We’ve found the perfect pair for the job with the Chiara Visione UCV1010  – a dapper, distinguished finishing touch for any intrepid Time Lord!

Chiara Visione UCV1010

Chiara Visione UCV1010

The Wayward Wayfarer

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The infamous Sonic Sunglasses made quite the stir in the fandom when the Doctor temporarily abandonded his Screwdriver and opted instead for the instantly iconic ‘wearable technology’. Love them or loathe them, these super specs certainly helped our Time Lord out of a bind or two!

Get the look with our Savannah 8121‘s – a simple, affordable pair of shades that’ll add the perfect touch of Twelth Doctor to any outfit!

Savannah 8121

Savannah 8121

The Perfect Companion

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While discussing all things New Who, we can’t help but mention our favourite companion-that-never-was: the marvellous Osgood! With her signature thick-rimmed square shape specs (and a curiously familiar knitted scarf), she was an instant hit with fans for her unapologetic Doctor geek-outs.

Recreate the look of the biggest Whovian in the universe with the super Savannah 2444 – a simple, stylish (and inexpensive!) pair of specs, ideal for any budding Osgood!

Savannah 2444

Savannah 2444

 Style inspiration can come from the most unexpected places! Take a look at our favourite speccy cartoon characters.

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