5 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

Good healthy eyesight is what we all need and want. It’s so important that you continue to have good eyesight because as you get older, you will still want to see wonderful new things.

Follow some of these tips to having healthier eyes.

1. The first tip is to make sure you get nutrients with the foods that you eat. Taking vitamins C and E and some nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc or lutein can help you ward off cataracts as you get older. Try to eat greens, spinach, tuna, salmon, eggs and nuts, oranges and beans; these foods will help you to have good eye health. When you eat healthy you’ll also keep up a good weight, which will decrease your risk of diabetes. Diabetes can cause blindness if we don’t take proper care from the initial stages.

2. The next tip is to stop smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of optic nerve damage and cataracts so try to stop smoking; it’s not only good for your eyes; it’s also good for your lungs and overall health.

3. The third tip is to always remember to wear sunglasses when you go outside in the sun. If you have too much exposure to sun’s rays, you will damage your eyes and the risk of cataracts increases. Try to find wraparound sunglasses as they can protect your eyes from the sides as well. It is also possible to buy UV protecting contact lenses for any contact wearers but you can also go for some wraparound glasses to protect your eyes while outside, even when you are wearing your contacts.

4. The fourth tip is to remember if you are on the computer for a long time, make sure you don’t keep staring at the screen all the while. Turn your eyes away from the screen for a bit or close them to rest. You can get eyestrain from staring at one spot all day, blurry vision is known to happen and you won’t be able to focus your eyes while looking in the distance. You will likely get headaches, dry eyes and you could also experience neck, back and shoulder pain. Take fifteen-minute breaks every two hours so you are not staring at the screen all the while to help protect your eyes.

5. The fifth tip is to make sure you go to your eye doctor for your regular eye exam to make sure you are seeing out of your eyes as best you can. The eye doctor will check for glaucoma, cataracts and macula degeneration. Make sure they give you a complete examination to look for any other eye problems that might be occurring. These are your eyes, and you only get one set for your whole life, so do take care of them the best you can.


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