Sunglasses make great Christmas and birthday gifts because they are an affordable kind of luxury when compared to gifting favourites such as designer handbags and shoes; so if you’re feeling the pinch this year, you can still make someone feel really special with a pair of designer sunnies. They also make great gifts because they are relatively easy to choose and can be used all year round. But we’re not saying that shopping for eyewear gifts is a walk in the park either; there are still a few style rules to follow if you’re shopping for a friend or family member. So to give you some assistance, here are 5 tips on helping you choose sunglasses as a gift for someone else.

1. Know Their Face Shape

This isn’t easy but it’s an important step in being able to find the right frames for someone you care about. Face shapes can determine which frame styles suit and which ones don’t. Face shapes include square, round, oval and heart shaped; if you can’t verify this by sight alone, you could look at your friend’s existing sunglasses collection for guidance.


2. Enquire About Brands / Designers

Not all designer sunglasses are made equal. In fact, if your friend/loved one is clued up on fashion (perhaps they work in the industry or just follow the catwalks religiously), it’s likely that he/she will have a penchant for certain designers. In the same vein, he/she could have an aversion to others. Just because your friend loves Prada, doesn’t mean that they’ll also love Gucci. So take a note of your recipient’s existing wardrobe to get a good picture of which designers they are really into.

3. Interpret Their Wardrobe Style

Everyone’s sense of style is different and you’ll find that there are different frames of all shapes, sizes and colours to accommodate that. For example, aviators are ideal for those who have a sporty/fun sense of style, large black frames fit in perfectly with a glamorous wardrobe, full round lenses have a great 70s edge, and coloured or mirrored lenses are perfect for adventurous, eclectic dressers.


4. Use Celebrity Icons as Reference

If determining someone’s fashion sense isn’t something you find easy, one great way to do it is to use celebrity icons. Sunglasses have been around since the early 1930s and many iconic stars have helped to shape the different styles which are available today. If she dresses like Audrey Hepburn, she may really love a pair of black oversized sunglasses to complement her feminine wardrobe; if he dresses like James Dean, he may be suited for a pair of Wayfarers.

5. Consider the Purpose of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are suitable for all-year round wear, making them great gifts for just about everyone in your life. But if you want to ensure that they get the full intended use, try considering the different purposes of sunglasses – and which ones may appeal to your friends / loved ones. If they love outdoor winter sports, Oakley, Cebe and Smith Optics have all the high-tech specs that they’ll desire. If they’re into fashion, Ray Ban and Police are top favourites for both men and women here at SelectSpecs. Or if they love high fashion, try our finest designer labels such as Prada, Chloe and Miu Miu.

By james