Toby Little Dude Instagram Dog with glasses

All Eyes on Hipster Pooch with Spectacular Viral Appeal

Is it a bird, is it a plane no, it’s an Instagram glasses wearing dog. That’s right you heard us straight. Now put down your iPhone for just one cotton second and listen up.

We all know too well the influence social media has had on society. Whether you are a food porn paparazzo or raving mad for reddit, we are certainly posting like never before.

Enter stage left Toby the wonder dog. This small yet perfectly formed canine has the lot including 80,000 followers…for wearing glasses.

Of course this loveable mutt strikes all the right poses with his trendy specs online. Toby has been causing an online sensation thanks to his nifty eyewear and extensive wardrobe.

Hip hopping his way into social media has been a doddle for this particular mutt. His clothes include anything from teeny tiny dickie bows to a collection of party hats. Now that’s living.

With his very own Instagram account, Toby Littledude seems to be picture perfect all the time. Striking a variety of poses, this dog is not shy of the lens! Looks like a case of little dude by name, little dude by nature.

With his followers growing by the day, this Maltese pup has taken Instagram by the scruff of his neck (or should that be collar). Owner Joyce Chen has been dressing up Toby since he was a wee nipper and the glasses are without doubt a key factor to the outfits.

From time to time, Toby dons a pair of thick black rimmed glasses that seems to have been inspired “on a sunny day at Starbucks.” Who would have thought it!

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.

A photo posted by Toby LittleDude™ (Tobes) (@toby_littledude) on

After putting the specs on Toby, something suddenly changed and he transformed into (queue dramatic music) Superdog. And the hits just keep on coming for this mercurial Maltese.

It appears that online success for Toby has become like a walk in the park quite literally. After snapping a number of different pictures with him wearing the glasses, Toby started to receive plenty of attention. “I soon realised that Toby was a natural in front of the camera and it kind of just went from there,” she declared.

The snap happy pooch likes nothing more than the odd treat or two. In addition to this, Toby also has a penchant for beach shoots according to his devoted owner.

“He absolutely loves it and one of his best moves is running towards me while I snap some great action shots. We get lots of comments from people saying how much they love Toby’s photographs and sense of humour.”

Yet his owner is far from calling all the shots as she has allowed Toby full responsiblility for the creative content. Toby doesn’t have as many names as Prince but he is known as ‘the hipster dude with attitude’. The Maltese has gone on to land a host of jobs with the likes of Dyson among other brands.

If you want to share in the weird and wonderful world of Toby Littledude, why not follow him @toby_littledude.

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