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Doom and gloom is the order of the day if what we read in the media is anything to go by with thousands of employees being made redundant week in week out, however, we at are feeling upbeat at the moment after reading articles with great interest that report Opticians as being one of the least likely out of eight retail categories that will suffer a decline in sales caused by the current economic downturn!  This is hardly surprising really when you consider many of our customers that wear glasses wear them out of necessity rather than fashion. Findings of The Wanted Ads Retail study of over 1,000 respondents commissioned by the Newspaper Society revealed that less than a quarter (24 percent) of consumers are tightening their belts on spending on opticians.  29 percent are cutting back on toys, 39 percent are slashing their DIY or gardening budgets, and 41 percent are reining in their spending on furniture.  The survey also revealed that Clothing and Fashion is set to experience the most severe slowdown with 61 percent of respondents stating that they were cutting spending in this category.  Source: (November 2008)

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So, how can we help you save money and beat the credit crunch? For starters all our new frames from a low priced budget frame to top designer glasses  INCLUDE standard or Thin and Light Prescription Lenses FREE of charge, we also supply our glasses with UV Protection, Scratch Resistance, and Anti Reflection coatings at absolutely no extra cost, all of which are normally charged for as “extra’s” in many high street retailers by as much as £30.00 or more!   See our website for more information about our FREE Thin and Light Lenses. Or, why not try our Lens Replacement and Reglaze Service if you want to keep your current frames instead of buying a brand new pair?  Simply select your current frame type, choose your lens options and enter your prescription, then pay for your order and send your frames to us!  We will then glaze your frames to meet your requirements and return them to you.  See our website for more information about our Lens Replacement and Reglaze Service. Finally, if you are a customer with a UK based bank account, why not choose to make payment by Cheque?  Using this payment method will save you a further 5% on top of our already low credit crunch beating prices!

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