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Oakley Whisker 6B Review on SelectSpecs

We get great feedback from our customers all the time, through various channels of communication, but we felt compelled to share this one in particular from Mr. Tachdjian in Tasmania, Australia who ordered some Oakley Whisker 6B Prescription Glasses from SelectSpecs.com.

Sadly, the Oakley Whisker 6B is no longer available – another reason why I thought I’d share this here, to give you all a chance to read a well-written and generally great product review from one of our customers that may not be easily visible on the main site any more.

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Many thanks to Mr. Tachdjian for this review, which we have posted in full below: –


Best glasses I’ve ever owned

I live in Australia. Having completed my eye test, I checked the frames at the same optometrist to see if there was something I liked. I quite fancied the Oakley frames, but the cost was prohibitive. All-in (thin-ish lenses, Transitions, coatings etc) they were totally out of the question.

So after a week of grumbling, I finally remembered prescription specs could be ordered online and were often cheaper. I’d never done this before, but had seen it on tele a few years ago. There are many companies offering this in my country, however it seems if a known brand is what you’re after…expect to be gouged.

I spent an afternoon checking various websites based in the US, UK, Australia and India. Each had their merits and several offered complete glasses at least 50% cheaper than buying the same thing locally. After narrowing down to three or four candidates, the next important aspect was having in place an ordering system that ensured I received the correct fit and visual clarity. Good pictures of the products was also important to make an informed decision, especially on frame colour in my case.

Of course, it’s up to you to ensure all numbers are entered correctly. If you follow the guides available on Select Specs it makes it easier too. Measuring your current glasses and pupilary distance (if applicable) will also assist in ensuring you order something suitable for your face. All you need is a ruler and a minute.

After a few dry-runs to compare prescription entry systems, in the end I felt most comfortable with the Select Specs website.

I was aware it would take longer ordering glasses online, however my old glasses were still adequate in the meantime. From order to delivery took just under a month. Remember I’m on the other side of the world! I was delighted (and relieved) to see the glasses arrived in perfect condition.

A minute for comfort oriented customising (adjusting the nose pad wires) and I’m wearing my favourite glasses, 25 years after my first ever pair.

These Oakley Whiskers are seriously fine frames. My family and friends have commended me on this choice, noting they’re not radically different in colour or shape to my previous frames, but are somehow more flattering.

When you compare my old Polaroid frames and the Oakleys side-by-side, it’s apparent the latter are much better designed and manufactured. As an unexpected side bonus, they’re also 7 grams lighter.

I cannot fault the lenses either. I ordered Transitions lenses and although you can’t tell between Transitions and generic photo sensitive lenses, it’s the speed with which they darken and lighten that’s the main indicator. And they’re faster to react than my old Hoya lenses.

If you’re interested in prescription sunglasses (with photo sensitive lenses or not) these Oakley Whisker frames are absolutely ideal.

So I’m very pleased with my decision to order from Select Specs and have referred others for their next spectacles purchase.

P Tachdjian
POSTED: 16th November 2012


Thanks again for your review Mr. Tachdjian, it has been our pleasure to serve you and hear such great feedback.


Great Alternatives to the Oakley Whisker 6B

Oakley Keel Blade

This lightweight metal frame by Oakley is a good alternative to the Whisker 6B, if not quite as curved.  This frame is also available in rimless as the Oakley Keel.


Oakley Chieftain

The Oakley Chieftain was inspired by the Oakley Whisker 6B making it a great alternative.


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