Contact Lenses and Glasses: A Match Made in Heaven?

There are a lot of articles floating around the web which try to compare contact lenses and glasses. But do they miss the point? Contact lenses and glasses have different qualities, making them well suited for different situations. But really they work great together. Even if someone prefers to wear their contacts all the time, they should still have a pair of specs handy.

Wearing Contact Lenses to Play Sport

One of the main strengths of buying contact lenses is that they’re great for people who play sport. When you’re running around, playing football, rugby etc., contacts do seem to have an advantage. They can provide better peripheral vision and could potentially improve performance as a result. They also have safety benefits in these situations.

That said, contact lenses shouldn’t be worn all the time. It’s good to take a break sometimes and sport your specs. Constantly wearing contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infection, so wearing your glasses a few days a week and not wearing your contacts all day long can be great for your eyes.

Mixing Things Up a Bit

Woman Looking Very Sexy Wearing Glasses

At the same time as health considerations, it’s great to mix things up a bit, and sporting your glasses for a change can offer a fresh look. With popular brands of eyewear such as Ray-Ban, Oakley or Prada, and celebrities wearing glasses in public more often, glasses aren’t just a way to see clearly. They’re now much more of a fashion accessory, and wearing glasses some days and contact lenses another is a great way of mixing things up.

A Combination of Coloured Contact Lenses & Glasses

To add an extra dimension to your look and spice things up, combining coloured contact lenses with your glasses can be a great way to go.  Coloured lenses can be bought in plano (which means they won’t correct your vision), allowing you to change your eye colour and wear your glasses.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Fashion

For the fashionistas out there, this technique offers endless combinations to vary your look. There are a variety of different colours available for contact lenses, from your standard blue to more distinctive colours such as amethyst. The lenses have also been designed for a range of eye colours, either to provide a subtle or dramatic change in eye colour.

So why do contact lenses and glasses work great together? Well firstly, they both work great in different situations because they have different qualities. At the same time, it’s just good to mix things up a bit for a fresh look by wearing contact lenses some days and glasses another. To add even more variation, contact lenses can be bought in a range of colours, and you can experiment with different colours while wearing glasses.


Post written by Katie Grove.


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