Contact Lenses For Dogs - From

Contact Lenses for Dogs – Only from

When was the last time your loyal best friend had their eyes tested?

Does your dog like to play ‘Fetch’?


Perhaps your four-legged-friend is having trouble seeing the ball or stick after you throw it.

Get your dog’s eye’s tested at Opticians in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent and from 1st April we are now offering Contact Lenses especially designed for dogs.

Fido will be happy and comfortable in his new contact lenses which are easy to fit (our friendly optometrist will show you how), and they will stay in place all day long – even if Fido decides to jump in the sea and then shake himself dry in the back of your car.

Our Contact Lenses for Dogs are designed to fit the unique shape and size of your dog’s eyes, with options available to fit all breeds and sizes of dog.

No more confusing your child’s favourite soft toy (or your leg) for a female dog… Fido will see his bitch all the way across the park without any problems at all. Everyone’s a winner.

Also available – Coloured Fashion Contact Lenses so you can change the colour of your dog’s eyes and make him look like the coolest Dawg on the block.

Don’t be a fool, get your Contact Lenses for your Dog in store or online only at from today – 1st April.

And look out for Contact Lenses for Cats – Coming soon.

Contact Lenses for Pets from

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