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Following ten years in development PixelOptics, a US lens company based in Roanoke, Virginia are on the threshold of releasing the first dynamic electronic spectacle lens commercially.

President and chief executive officer of PixelOptics Ronald Blum said, ‘Electronic eyewear has intelligence built into them’, it allows the lens to know where your looking, auto-focusing faster than the blink of an eye using chemistry, electricity and other components for the correction of presbyopia and other visual disorders and does so without moving parts.

This pioneering development in ophthalmic lenses has no dividing lines or an obvious progression of power,  despite allowing clear focus from far to near and everything in between. In addition there will be an appreciable reduction in lens distortion typically experienced with bifocal and progressive addition lenses, this is achieved thanks to the variation of the index of refraction of an electro-active layer located within the lens.

The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic have collaborated with PixelOptics to create the first commercial electronic eyewear, PixelOptics were thrilled with the opportunity to work alongside a well respected and internationally recognisable company, President and chief executive officer of PixelOptics Ronald Blum said consumer knowledge and scientific expertise has proven to be most valuable and positive.

Yukinori Okazaki the Chief Technology Officer and board member for Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co said “We anticipate there will be a lot of opportunities in health care that will benefit the world’s aging population in which Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co can play a significant role. We see Pixel’s electronic eyeglasses as one of these opportunities.”

It seems these electronic glasses will be introduced to the public in the second half of 2010, with distribution channels such as lens manufactures, optical laboratories, frame suppliers and general eye care professionals. The question is how much will a pair set you back… I guess we’ll have to wait and see?

Here’s what Ronald Blum the President and chief executive officer of PixelOptics had to say about Electronic Eyewear:

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