Glasses to stop Laser Pen Attacks

Lasers Stopped in Their Tracks Thanks to Innovative Glasses

Following our previous piece about the danger of laser pens, it seems they’re still causing creating news.

As we are all fully aware, laser pens can cause severe damage to your eyes and are unfortunately being utilised at airports, especially when pilots are due to take off.  These pocket sized  products really do pack a punch.

We may have seen lasers in action from some silly football fans in an attempt to distract players too. Some of the most high-profile players to fall foul of lasers include the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Ronaldo was actually targeted by one member in the crowd, whilst playing for Real Madrid back in 2013.

But aviation is one of the key areas where we see this come into play. Luckily, it turns out that a brand new specs could go a long way in preventing plane issues at airports around the world.

Hailing from the U S of A, an American inventor is believed to have created a new pair of eyewear that could stop laser pens penetrating into the eyes, which has been known to lead to all sorts of aviation havoc.

The brains behind this ingenious product is Perriquest. This star spangles defence company have launched new glasses that they claim would completely solve the issues.

So how do they work? The specs function by eradicating those dangerous coloured rays in the beam such as red, green as well as blue. Consequently, this stops the effect that many people experience when exposed to a laser of this nature.  Inventor Dr. Perricone said:

Take-off and landing are critical times and if both pilots are caught then it would cause a real emergency. With a high-powered laser you get the dazzle effect but it can also cause permanent damage and your career is over as a pilot.

Several recent incidents have also brought this to light including a Virgin Atlantic flight which had to land abruptly, this was largely in part due to the co-pilot who had noticed a beam shining into his eye.

The results don’t lie when it comes to other laser pen related incidents too. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, there were nearly 2000 separate incidents reported last year alone.

On top of this, the price of obtaining these specific pens are less than a bag of pick and mix. Consumers are bagging up this sweet deal for less than £5 in some cases. With range stretching up to 10 miles and beyond, they are a potent threat.

In addition, these new glasses could also assist sports stars featuring athletes who have been prone to the odd beam shone into their faces. Since 2010, it has been an offence to shine a laser into a plane. Those facing prosecution either face a maximum penalty for this misdemeanour of £2,500 or a five-year prison sentence. So if you want to light up for all the right reasons, then you can purchase these new glasses for £270.



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