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Makeup and Eye Health: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

There are lots of things we can do to help improve our eye health. Including regular visits to the optician, eating healthily and ensuring we have enough vitamins and minerals in our diet, protecting our eyes with 100% UV sunglasses in the sun, and not smoking (or quitting smoking).

For women who wear makeup, there are also some additional precautions we can take to keep our eyes healthy. In fact, millions of makeup users across the UK could minimise the potential harm to their eyes by following a few easy steps.

Here are some tips on the most responsible ways to use makeup in your day to day routine:

1. Use Clean Hands

Never apply makeup to your face with dirty hands. Before makeup application, always wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. In addition to ensuring your hands are clean, be sure to check that your dressing table surface is clean too.

2. Wash Makeup Tools Regularly 

Makeup brushes and sponges can harbour countless germs and bacteria. If you use brushes to apply powder makeup to your face, make sure you clean them regularly. There are many specialist brush cleaners available on the market that will help to get rid of all the dirt build-up whilst remaining gentle on the bristles. Other tools such as eyelash curlers, spoolies and eye shadow applicators should also be washed regularly – or replaced altogether.

3. Check the Expiry Date

This is extremely important! A recent survey conducted by the College of Optometrists revealed that 53% of makeup users in the UK don’t check the expiry date on their makeup, with 19% admitting that they were completely unaware of makeup having expiry dates. Whilst expiry dates vary, most makeup experts advise that the safest time to keep makeup is no longer than 3 months.

4. Don’t Share Your Makeup 

Sharing your makeup may seem like a very natural thing, especially with close friends. But sharing makeup leads to the spread of germs and infection. Stay safe and keep your makeup to yourself.

5. Remove Makeup Thoroughly

Removing makeup properly is something that so many women fail to do, especially when it’s late and you’re feeling a little bit lazy. Sleeping in your makeup is definitely not recommended and using the right makeup removers to get all those traces off your face and from around your eye area is absolutely essential. Invest in some special eye makeup remover and consider advancing to an electronic facial cleanser for a deep clean every night.

For advice on removing your eye makeup correctly, watch this fantastic tutorial by renowned celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge.

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