Man Sees Colour Thanks To Super Specs

You wont believe your eyes about what we’re about to tell you. If ever there was a Christmas tale to cheer you up then here it is dear reader.

For the very first time, someone has been shown their true colours. A 23 year old man, once colourblind is no longer due to a snazzy pair of EnChroma specs. In fact it was actually a birthday gift he treated himself to.

These pair of glasses were purchased by Alex Kriz and turned out to have a unique gift of their own. EnChroma glasses are extremely special as they utilise a ground breaking technology for colour blind sufferers. The glasses allow the user the ability to view different types of shades that are often brown in appearance.

Impaired colour perception is otherwise known as Protanopia. For an individual this means a complete loss of tow colours, most commonly red and green. Furthermore, you can only view less than 5,000 shades which is less than 1% of normal colour perception. Consequently, the sufferer only sees a muddy mess of brown and greyish tones.

However, once the glasses are on, the wearer can benefit from a sharp differentiation of both red and green, whilst seeing others distinctly. If you are eyeing up a pair, let us delve deeper into how they actually work.

EnChroma glasses do not add colour but filter as well as pull apart mixed up ones. This is all done through chromatic contrast enhancement. A snazzy way of alleviating colour blindness you might think but the effects are overwhelmingly successful.

The results have been nigh on staggering as people have found colour discrimination incredibly accurate. This in turn allows them to see a number of different vivid colours instead of a muddled mess.

In addition, users of the glasses can notice sharper objects especially when they are put against a colourful background. The happy ending to this story unfolds on a Youtube clip which Kriz posted this month. The video features the man of the moment Alex with a friend about to try on the EnChroma glasses for the first time.

Meanwhile, his dapper chum has certainly dressed up for the occasion in a bright rainbow top. He hardly gets a look in as Kriz notices how vibrant and green the grass is initially and is taken aback that he can see these distinct colours.

As he starts to put the glasses on, the nerves are palpable: ’My heart is beating so fast right now,’ the man from Massachusetts declares.

Nervously, he puts the glasses on and looks out into the yonder before shrieking about the colour of the grass; ‘Oh my god, the grass, it’s beautiful.And your shirt,’ he adds. The emotional video finishes with Kriz contrasting the corrective lenses when he has them on as well as off his face.

Entitled the greatest birthday present, Kriz writes; ‘Finally decided to give the EnChroma colourblind correcting sunglasses a try for my 23rd birthday. ‘While I still have a hard time seeing blues, reds and greens are… absolutely unreal. Thank you EnChroma. Thank you so much.’

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