Nerdwax prevents glasses slipping off

Hold on to your hats boys and girls! Set your faces to nerd alert as a new product is set to take the glasses market by storm. Even Screech from Saved By The Bell would be lining up like those crazy peeps outside Apple stores for this.

Have you ever had difficulty with your specs slipping down your face? A number of different people experience all manner of problems when it comes to positioning their glasses securely. At the end of the day, this is down to a myriad of facial factors.

Why do my glasses slip?

In the first instance, many people have as big a schnoz as Pinocchio. As a result, you can way sayonara to those glasses. On the other hand, factors such as frame choice as well as oily skin play an integral part.

Whilst some choose to opt for aesthetics over comfort, rubber nose pads can easily get in the way. Slipping and sliding all over the place like Eddie the Eagle Edwards, a lack of grip can see your specs fly off.

This combined with humid days, especially during the Summer months, can make your specs slip right off. In addition to this, prescription lenses make the problem a whole lot worse. The weight of prescription lenses can add to the slip-factor as they are front heavy.

The same goes for larger sunnies which are more often than not heavier and can just slip too much. 

But is there actually anything that can be done in order to prevent constant slippage? This constant struggle with your specs can drive some people round the bend. 

Yet you too can take gravity head on and come out a winner. Nerdlingers around the globe we present to you, Nerdwax!

The beginning


It all kicked off on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter back in 2014, and the project was eventually born. It did make an appearance on reality show Shark Tank in the US. Featuring on ABC, this programme is the spin-off to the ever so popular Dragons Den format minus Peter Jones and co.

So what is it like as a product?

It’s easy to apply the balm like product, made from beeswax you can apply Nerdwax directly to the bridge of your nose and you are good to go. 

Nerdwax is slightly sticky and tacky and is similar to a lip balm to a certain degree. However, it is not to be consumed under any circumstances with a bit of toast. Although, it will ensure your glasses remain firmly in place.

But the main question we all want to know is does it work?

Well, it certainly helps in the slippage department folks. You should apply it once on a daily basis, usually in the morning before you pick your specs up. Like our faces, those bad boys needs a bit of TLC as well. 

Depending on whether you clean your lenses or not you just take a pea sized portion of Nerdwax and apply it gently onto your bridge. This is where your glasses will sit. 

If you apply too much it may become a sticky situation quite literally. It doesn’t fix your specs in If you apply too much it may become a sticky situation quite literally. It doesn’t fix your specs in place like goggles do, but it will improve the grip in the long run.  

So if it is grippy goodness that you crave then a teeny bit of beeswax may do the trick. It is not ideal but you will have the chance to enjoy extra friction. Now, you can apply it several times during the day but it may mix in with your natural oils.

Consequently, the wax will not be as effective. Say yes to wearable glasses from now and no to unsightly grips and gnarly oversized nose pads. Subtlety is the order of the day and this is precisely what Nerdwax provides.

You can find tubes of this nerdilicous stuff on Amazon for around £12. Isn’t it about time that you got your geek on?


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