Polarised Sunglasses

You’ve probably heard of polarised sunglasses by now, with a wide range of designer brands now offering many of their popular styles in the extra protective lens. But what exactly are polarised lenses and what do they do? We’re sure you have a number of questions about these unique sunglasses and their benefits, so check out all the information below.


Polarised lenses are treated with a special chemical film that acts to neutralise the glare from reflective surfaces. Thanks to this chemical film objects are much clearer and the harmful effects of glare (and light in general) on the eyes are significantly reduced.

polar 1How Polarisation Works

The sun’s rays hit a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye and causes glare which we all know can temporarily blind! Regular sunglasses will reduce the amount of light that is reflected but polarised lenses are the only way to completely eliminate the flare while still blocking UV rays.

The filter on the polarised lens contains molecules that are align horizontally in order to absorb light waves in the same direction, while still allowing other angles to stay blocked too. Because this transmitted light only travels in one direction, the glare is completely eliminated, allowing the wearer the most protective form of lens for the eyes.

Types of Polarised Lenses

.75 mm polarised lenses

.75 lenses are made from thin sheets of film and are most appropriate for most casual sports, where resistance to breakage isn’t crucial.

1.1 mm polarised lenses

Made with thicker sheets of film, these offer more impact resistance than  the thinner .75 mm polarised lenses, although this 1.1 mm  still offer the same amount of glare reduction and equal levels of  polarisation. However, the added thickness makes them more durable and higher quality.

Tinted Lenses

While tinted sunglasses might appear to be effective and will reduce a fraction of the brightness seen, they won’t work to completely remove harsh glare like polarised lenses do. Darker lenses will not offer extra UV protection either and merely represent an effect rather than any capability to block UV rays. In fact, darker lenses without UV protection can actually cause more damage to your eyes as their dark effect can cause pupils to dilate when more UV rays filter to the inner part of the eye.


Polarised sunglasses grew in popularity after being primarily designed for use in sports, especially snow, water and driving activities to reduce the glare from surfaces for optimum performance. Okay, and occasionally fashion. Remember this throw back image of Victoria Beckham in this Dior polarised pair?


These sporting benefits have been embraced by a variety of outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy general outdoor recreation that call for more protective lenses. People that benefit most from polarised sunglasses include skiers, golfers, bikers, and runners. So whatever your sport, wherever your passion lies, whether it’s hitting the slopes for the first time, hitting a few holes, a seasoned runner or perhaps you’re just looking for some extra protective lenses, we have a great selection of sporting and fashion  polarised lenses available.

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