SelectSpecs Limited Edition Police & Expendables Competition Winner Announced

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our twitter or facebook pages you’ve probably seen and hopefully entered our competition to win an amazing limited edition ‘Expendables’ box set from Police containing a pair of Police S8362 Sunglasses and a limited edition Police wallet with a metal, brushed steel numbered certificate of authenticity all to the value of £175.

Police S8362 SunglassesPolice Expendables Wallet

We also had a fistful of Police and Expendables T-shirts to give away as runners up prizes, each featuring the poster image from the latest Sylvester Stallone adrenaline fuelled action movie The Expendables on the back.

We had some great responses through both twitter and facebook with a real mix of responses to our open question: “Your favourite movie featuring a member of The Expendables cast”.  Quite honestly it turned out to be a massive list of movies, including (perhaps expectedly) some real classic 80’s action movies from the original action heroes themselves including Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the rest of the beefcake bridge club.


Thanks to all those who entered, it was fun to see all your entries, but there can be only one winner for the top prize.  All entries from both twitter and facebook were collected up, put into a hat and a winner & runners up were chosen at random.  Congratulations to all, who are: –

1st Prize

Karen Walkden (Braintree, Essex) – She entered via Facebook with her vote for Jason Statham in The Transporter movies.  Well done Karen.

Runner Up T-Shirt Prizes will go out to

  • Twitter user @paulinepppp – who voted for Arnie in Terminator 2
  • Twitter user @uberotaku – who voted for Jason Statham in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
  • Twitter user @Shells19827 – who voted for Bruce Willis in Die Hard
  • Facebook user Kirsty Bowyer – who voted for Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2
  • Facebook user Carrie Hobbs – who voted for Bruce Willis in Hostage

All the winners will be notified via twitter or facebook to arrange delivery of your prizes.

Movie Nominations

Not surprisingly the classic 1988 John McTiernan Christmas terrorist shoot em’ up Die Hard staring Bruce Willis came out way in front.  Let’s face it, for years it has been the benchmark by which all subsequent action films are compared to.  It was a well deserved win with an equally well deserved 2nd place going to Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar winning Rocky.  Hard to believe that movie came from way back in the 1970’s.

What we found most surprising was the number of votes for The Transporter in 3rd place, beating some big movies like Rambo, The Terminator and Terminator 2.

You can see the Top 10 Nominated movies in our little chart bellow; the remaining 30% of votes was spread amongst a vast number of other movies, most of which seemed to be Jason Statham movies like Crank, The Bank Job, Snatch etc.  It was surprising to us how many votes his films got… That said, there were a lot of female entries into the competition… Just saying.

Oh and we also got some strange and funny entries too for films like Hudson Hawk, Stop or my Mom will Shoot, White Chicks, Kindergarten Cop, Star Wars, Finding Nemo and Dirty Dancing to name just a few.

For the record, I think I would have voted for either The Wrestler or Rocky.

Thanks for taking part everyone.  Keep your eyes peeled as we hope to be doing more competitions soon.


Chris (SelectSpecs)

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