Professor focused on cheap glasses

We found an interesting article on the BBC News website earlier this week that we thought would be of interest to our readers:

A retired Oxford University physics professor has designed adjustable glasses that can be used by people in the developing world.  Professor Silver’s spectacles are altered by injecting tiny quantities of fluid into the lenses. The spectacles mean people can have glasses that suit their eyes without the need for a prescription.  The invention should enable millions of people in poorer parts of the world to get glasses for the first time. BBC News To read more and to watch the news clip, visit

3 thoughts on “Professor focused on cheap glasses

  1. Dear Sir, Order number 76809/1. I have received my glasses and I am very pleased with them. In ordering I obviously asked for a darkening of the glasses without realising that the outcome would be a really dark glass, like sun glasses. I anticipated that they would be like my current variafocals, which only darkened when the sun actually shone on them. What should I have ordered or not ordered to obtain this clear lense result, which is only activated in sunlight, so that next time I order I will return to a clear lense? Wearing these glasses all the time makes the view very dull and morbid. R.A.McNaughton.

  2. Hello. The lens coating you require is known as Photochromic (sometimes known as Transitions), these lenses react to sunlight and will darken when you are outside but will clear when you are back inside. It seems you selected Polarised lenses which are designed to eliminate glare.

    We have more information about different lens technology here:

    Lens Technology

    Hope this answers your question.

  3. Hello Ronald

    We would like to help you out with this mistake, we have emailed you personally and hope that we can help you so that you receive the lenses you require.

    Kind Regards
    SelectSpecs Team

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