We Witnessed the Demolition of Richborough Power Station

Last Sunday morning, we got to witness the the demolition of our largest local landmark – The Richborough Power Station near Sandwich in Kent. The three massive cooling towers and giant chimney stack had stood solidly on the horizon for 50 years and were a major landmark, which could be seen from all over the local area.  The cooling towers stood at 97 metres and the Chimney was a whopping 127 metres tall; all were reduced to rubble in just a few seconds via controlled explosives.  You can see our view of the demolition in the video above.

Needless to say the landscape on the East Kent coastline will never be the same again, the massive cooling towers and chimney were used as a navigational landmark by fisherman and pilots landing at the nearby Kent International Airport at Manston.  They could also be seen from Royal St Georges Golf Course in Sandwich, home of the Open Championship last year.

This cooling towers and chimney will be missed by the local people of Thanet.  It was always such a great sight to see them looming up in the distance as it meant that you were nearly home after a long journey.  There was something strangely comforting about them.

Farewell 🙁

Chris (SelectSpecs)

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