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We receive parcels everyday containing customer’s own glasses that they have sent to us either to be re-glazed to replace damaged lenses or updated with their new prescription from a recent eye test, or because they would like us to perform a PD (Pupillary Distance) Check on an old pair of prescription glasses when ordering a new pair. Today we received some glasses from one of our customers in a box which made us smile, so I just had to post it here. A box sent to us by a customer who wrote a caption for the guy using a laptop on the box Thanks for the kind words.

Chris (SelectSpecs)

Chris is the Web Content Manager for and usually blogs about new product releases, celebrity eyewear or the latest movie releases. He also runs the Sport Glasses and Movie Glasses sites as well as his own personal Movie Blog just for fun.

One thought on “SelectSpecs Rocks!

  1. I have worked in dust conditions for the past three years with a condition called “?Dry-Eyes”. I do not want to give up my job inn the (Out-back) for anything! But; I have a conditon called (Dry-Eyes); so; with the dust behind 3000 sheep or working in the “yards” with 200 feral cattle your going to get dust. You’re assurred of stark sun-light at 43 degrees avery day so; where is the sun glass company that makes for DESERT STORM going to make them for us? We produse the the the steak. Now how about the workers? I l love my job, I live under the sky every day; what more would you want!? But tell me; how much of 2 weeks wages justifies the cost to see!
    I don’t earn much, I work hard, I’m honest in my dealings with people. I pay taxes… But to SEE do my work I cannot claim a thing on tax. I need them to employ my-self & I am asked to pay $436.00 to put perscrition lenses into glasses I already own?! They buy them from over-seas for under $10….. I grow the crops & the beef they eat! I don’nt even get what the sellers ask! The irony is I need the glasses to check the bloody ear tags to sell them! You’d think that worki’n hard all your life would pay off.

    All I’ve found is that those that work pay for those that “shirk”. PLEASE just find me someone of the “old-ilk” that will furnish me with glasses to see but ignore the arrogance & new world (take-take-take), with-out taxes. I just need a set of perscription sunglasses for the dry conditons and the climate to SEE; leave them all behind I don’t need to spend my entire wages to keep myself employed!
    I pay taxes. I have no health fund because the wages I get don’t afford it! I don’nt want to bo a “Dole-Bludger”; but as it stands I’d be better off! Just tell me where I can get this perscription filled for the sun-glasses that I wear eavery day 24/7 can be produced quickly at little cost!

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