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Heroes is back on our TV at long last with the continuation of the 3rd season, titled Volume Four: Fugitives.  As big fans of the show, we decided to look back at the characters of the top NBC / BBC show, paying special attention to Heroes who have perhaps less-than-heroic eyesight.  It seems that despite all their special ‘abilities’ (I don’t want to say ‘powers’) nobody is perfect, especially considering the fact that the show features a large number of impossibly good-looking Hollywood types!  Or perhaps the glasses yielding superheroes of the show just wear glasses to make them look cool?  You decide…

Noah Bennet (AKA: HRG)

Heroes: HRG - Mr Bennet glasses at Selectspecs

Mr. Bennet, better known perhaps as Claire’s dad (played by Jack Coleman), may not exactly have any special abilities himself but he has become one of the most recognizable characters of the show with his iconic Horn-Rimmed-Glasses earning him the nickname HRG. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that look like (possibly) the most distinctive glasses worn on television today then Selectspecs.com recommends these Ray Ban RB3016 frames (shown above).  Strictly speaking these frames are actually sunglasses, however, at Selectspecs.com you can order these frames and have the lenses replaced with prescription lenses to look just like The Man in Horn-Rimmed-Glasses.  When ordering, just be sure to click the ‘Your Prescription’ button next to your desired frame colour option, then fill in your prescription or select ‘Plano Lenses’ for clear/transparent lenses.

EDIT: Better stil – These Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmasters should do the trick nicely.

Hiro Nakaumura

Heroes - Hiro Nakamura Glasses at Selectspecs

Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka) must be one of the show’s most loved characters although it remains to be seen whether or not he will regain his ability to manipulate time and teleport himself around the world through time and space.  His on-screen relationship with best friend and sidekick Ando offer some great light-hearted comic relief to the show which normally tends to deal with some otherwise fairly dark storylines. Hiro can often be seen pushing his metal, square shaped, semi-rimless glasses back into place with his finger.  We’re not sure where he gets these glasses made, perhaps they are from some super-tough interstellar material.  His glasses remain in top condition despite all that Hiro has been through, not to mention the amount of times he seems to get punched in the face. If you want to be like Hiro, why not try some POLO 1032 prescription glasses by POLO Ralph Lauren or our own Occhiali di Bello, Haitang 8909 prescription glasses.  Sadly we can’t promise you that they will give you his abilities though.

Sylar (AKA: Gabriel Grey)

Sylar - Gabriel Gray in glasses (Selectspecs.com)

Sylar/Gabriel Grey (Zachary Quinto) is probably one of the most interesting characters of the show, especially now as we get into the swing of the new third season.  Is he really evil or is he just misunderstood?  Deep down, he doesn’t really want to be bad and he does have his moments, but he has killed a few people along the way.  He really is the man we love to hate. Its easy to forget that the Sylar we know today is quite different to the watch repairman he used to be.  Since Gabriel began to acquire other people’s ‘abilities’ through the use of his ‘intuitive aptitude’ (or to you and me, slicing off the top of one’s head to examine the brain and learn how it works!) he no longer wears glasses under his new assumed name ‘Sylar’.  However, glimpses of the future version of Sylar show that he still needs his black-rimmed frames in everyday life.

Zachary Quinto - Star of Heroes and the new Star Trek Movie in glasses (Selectspecs.com)

Actor Zachary Quinto can often be seen wearing some interesting styles of glasses in real life.  Although its unlikely that he will need them on the USS Enterprise when the new Star Trek film is released in 2009.  Zachary Quinto will be playing the role of a young Spock in the J.J. Abrams production (The man behind other hits such as Lost, Fringe, Alias and Cloverfield). To find frames like Zachary Quinto’s (or his character’s) why not have a look at some of our Men’s Prada prescription glasses or plastic POLO Ralph Lauren prescription glasses.

Bob Bishop

Bob Bishop from hit TV Show Heroes wears glasses (Selectspecs.com)

They say that money doesn’t grown on trees, but Stephen Tobolowsky’s character Bob doesn’t really care because his ability ‘alchemy’ allows him to change the molecular composition of any material into gold.  Quite handy really when your in charge of operations for The Company and need some funds. But none of that really matters when you’re dead, Sylar killed Bob Bishop and took his power at the beginning of Volume Three. Want some nice square framed prescription glasses like Bob’s?  Why not try these Bench BCH 70 Prescription Glasses or these Ray-Ban 5095 Prescription Glasses.

Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet)

Hayden Panettiere and her many Sunglasses

With her ability to regenerate it’s unlikely that cheerleader Claire will ever need glasses, unless she just needs a disguise or wants to look fashionable.  However, the lovely Hayden Panettiere who plays HRG’s daughter Claire Bennet, can often be seen wearing all sorts of stylish sunglasses out in public. Try these sunglasses: –

  • Ray-Ban 3362 – Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses (top left) also available with polarized lenses
  • Ray-Ban 2132 – Wayfarer Sunglasses or try other Ray-Bay Wayfarers here
  • Ray-Ban 4087 Shield Style Sunglasses (bottom left)


Kristen Bell (Elle)

Heroes - Kristen Bell Wearing Ray-Bans

Bob Bishop’s daughter – Elle in the show was one of the more interesting characters to watch as her story unfolded.  Her ‘Electric Manipulation’ ability allowed her to control, generate or absorb electric fields.  Just like the Emperor at the end of Return of the Jedi, she could use her ability with deadly force.  It didn’t help matters that she was mentally unstable as a result of extensive testing by her father to research her abilities when she was young. Sadly for us, Elle was killed off by Sylar after he got what he wanted from her.  Elle may not have worn glasses in the show, but just like Hayden Panettiere, actress Kristen Bell is a bit of a fan of her Ray Bans: –

  • Ray-Bay Wayfarers
  • Ray-Ban 3341 Shield Style Sunglasses

All we need now is a character with X-Ray vision!

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