Winter is coming! No, that’s not meant to be a Game of Thrones reference – we’re just saying that, well, winter is coming. And, with the arrival of winter, you could be keen to hit the snow slopes for some skiing or snowboarding.

However, your preparation for that should include taking account of how you will protect yourself from injury – and goggles from our stock could help here.

Winter sports safety is snow joke

Whether you’ll be honing already sophisticated skills or trying out a winter sport for the first time, now’s a good time to prepare for hitting those slopes.

After all, there’s still a few months before winter arrives proper, giving you ample time to decide where exactly you will have your winter sports fun and what equipment you should pack for your journey.

Stay Safe on the Snow Slopes with These Goggles

We’re not here to provide a lengthy list of promising winter sports destinations – though you can choose from not only places which are traditionally popular with winter sports fans, like France’s Chamonix and Colorado’s Aspen, but also unjustly overlooked sites like Switzerland’s Gstaad, India’s Gulmarg and Norway’s Trysil.

However, we are keen that you choose eyewear capable of especially helping to boost your safety when you’re out there on the beautiful white snow.

The mind shouldn’t boggle at goggles

Donning a set of snow/ski goggles is vital for ensuring your safety on the slopes. If you don’t already have a set, you can buy one from our selection here at SelectSpecs.

However, the huge range on offer here means that you should be meticulous in choosing from these goggles, the pricing of which varies widely in accordance with the different features that they integrate.

Now, whichever goggles you do purchase, you should wear them for two main reasons: to protect your eyes from the wind and frosty temperatures when you’re moving rapidly, and to prevent the sun harming your eyes.

It’s worth learning about the vital implications of differences between goggles before making your buying decision.

It’s like a rainbow of choices

Our goggles range is certainly colourful – even if you just focus on the lenses!

For dealing with the flat light that can arise from cloudy conditions, lenses in rose, orange, blue or yellow are worth your consideration. Keeping in mind how you’ll look, blue lenses can go well with that crisp whiteness of the snow, too; check out the below-pictured Bollé EMPEROR OTG. Snow.Guide’s Ski Editor Robert Stewart is particularly fond of Bollé goggles, calling them “good quality, value and stylish”.

Stay Safe on the Snow Slopes with These Goggles

If you typically wear prescription glasses, it could be a good idea to go for goggles with a spherical lens. When compared to alternatives these can help you to enjoy better vision, especially peripheral vision, due to the much lower image distortion about the lens edges.

Pictured below is the O’Neill REACH (Spherical Lens), which is available with mirrored lenses. A mirrored lens can assist with reflecting bright light and sunshine.

Stay Safe on the Snow Slopes with These Goggles

This can be just the start…

Really, this is just a taster of advice that you can really benefit from soaking up as you plan for your time enjoying winter sports.

Websites like Snow.Guide and organisations like Ski Club of Great Britain can be great sources of further advice – and winter sports experts that you know might also be able to give you tips. Ultimately, our message is: have fun, but take sensible steps to stay safe.

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