Top Specs to Make You Stand Out From the Crowd in 2012

Stand out from the crowd

The New Year might be well under way now, but it’s not too late to get a new look to go with it, that’s why we’ve created a page of specially selected prescription glasses to help you stand out from the crowd in 2012.  Why not try something completely different this year, make a statement about the way you look, or simply dare to wear something crazy like it’s your last year on Earth.

Here are some great examples of styles that are a little more attention grabbing or just a bit different from your average pair of glasses.

Antares 3006 from SelectSpecs

Antares 3006 feature an interesting Australian theme with the Sydney Oprah House and Kangaroos on the transparent arms, available in four different colours.  These are made from TR-90 plastic which is an incredibly lightweight and strong material with just enough flex to survive some pretty serious day-to-day abuse, making it a great material for people who are especially active or sporty.


Antares 3031 from SelectSpecs

Similar to the Antares 3006 with the Sydney Oprah House above, these Antares 3031 also feature the lightweight and flexibly strong TR-90 plastic, but with an interesting urban cityscape vibe and parkour runners soaring through the air as they free-run their way around these awesome glasses.  It’s as if they were made for Free Runners or something.



Antares 3109 - bright colours for 2012 from SelectSpecs

Be loud and proud with these Antares 3109 prescription glasses, which come in three bright colours that will lift anyone’s spirits for 2012.  These are a fashionable and popular style frame shape this year, which is not too dissimilar from a Ray-Ban Wayfarer style frame.



Antares 1188 by SelectSpecs

Antares 1188 are an assertive and bold Wayfarer style frame shape available in several colour options, some of which feature a tartan plaid pattern on the semi-transparent arms making them quite unique indeed, just like you 😉



Antares - 26860 from SelectSpecs

You can make a real statement with these fun Antares 26860 frames in colour C38 – Transparent Red.  Featuring the extreme lightweight and flexible TR-90 plastic, you wont even feel these frames on the bridge of your nose.  The interesting colour and patterns on the arm make these a rare kind of frame that should suit anyone with an outgoing and fun-filled personality.



Stellar F189 from SelectSpecs

If you like metal frames, these Semi-Rimless Stainless Steel Stellar F189 prescription glasses are an ultra-modern, almost futuristic design with sections punched out of the metal arms as if to save weight.  These lightweight Steel frames are also available in bright red or traditional black, if you would rather a slightly more conservative look.



The SS Collection - 910 by SelectSpecs

Stand out with this bold square rimmed frame available in various bright colours from The SS Collection – Model 910.  You could even mix it up a bit and wear a different colour frame every day of the week – just to keep your work colleagues on their toes.  There are no rules here, you can do what you like.



Novus 1002 prescription glasses with bamboo arms from SelectSpecs

Novus 1002 are a stunning square-rimmed frame with Bamboo arms that will look especially good with that new hairstyle you promised yourself.  Why not check out some of these other Bamboo or Wooden prescription glasses too.



Orion SD2033 from SelectSpecs

These thick-rimmed acetate Orion SD2033 glasses are a popular frame shape and style right now, but you can bet no one has seen them looking like this before!



Orion 26880 from SelectSpecs

If you’ve ever seen anyone wearing anything like these semi-transparent Orion 26880 frames before I’ll eat my own gym kit after a spin class.  With these unique and lightweight TR-90 sport frames you’ll be the centre of attention at your local health club and you won’t even know you’ve got them on.  The lightweight and flexible TR-90 plastic of these frames is deceptively strong, making them perfect if you need to wear glasses during a gym class or general workout session.



Orion 3038 Wayfarer Style frame in lightweight TR-90 Plastic with Music Design

The Orion 3038 is a brilliant little wayfarer style frame with some great extra features.  Unlike the standard heavy wayfarers, these are made from lightweight TR-90 plastic making them tough with just enough flex to withstand the odd accident or two – especially for those who are musically inclined or in a band.  You know how it is, moving all your amps or drum kit from one venue to another.  This frame, with music themed imagery is available in a couple of different colour options and is an absolute bargain at under £20.



Turn Heads with these Orion 3177 metal semi-rimless glasses from

These metal Orion 3177 semi-rimless glasses will be sure to turn a few heads with their intricate pattern and styling.



Giorgio Armani GA 873 Cat Eye Style Prescription Glasses from

Cat-Eye style glasses are in vogue right now, so why not try something like these Giorgio Armani GA 873 prescription glasses.  Other brands such as Tom Ford also seem to “own” the Cat-Eye style frame which is making an impressive comeback and it’s damn sexy too.



Juicy Couture Berkin with Rotating Temples from

If you want to change the look of your frames during the course of the day, without actually changing your frames, then these Juicy Couture Berkin glasses are probably perfect for you.  Simply rotate the temple pieces to change their colour.  Got an important meeting or interview?  Just rotate the temples back to black and you’re away.

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  1. Some really cool designs here. I love the ones with graphics along the arms, especially the Sydney Opera house design.

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