The SelectSpecs UV Damage Survey

We all love a bit of sunshine and its great to top up the tan and get some Vitamin D from all the goodness that the Sun brings.  It lifts our spirits and makes us feel good.  And at this time of year, we are all trying to eek out the last bit of summer we can before the Autumn & Winter blues set in and ruins everything.

How much do you really know about the damage UV light has already done to your eyes?

Think you know it all?  Why not take our 2-minute survey; you might be surprised.

We are looking to find out how much the public really knows about UV damage and what are the general attitudes?  In many cases there are NO right or wrong answers, just tell us what you think or know.

“Did you wear a hat or sunglasses as a child growing up?”  Let us know here.  These questions and their answers will better help us understand the feelings and mind-set of you – The People and understand if different age groups have differing attitudes or levels of knowledge when it comes to enjoying the sun.

Think this is only relevant in the summer?  Let us know.

We need as many responses to this survey as possible in order to gain a better understanding of the wider picture.  We will be studying the results of this important research very closely and will publish our findings in due-course.

Please take the time to fill in our 2-minute survey and answer all the questions as honestly as possible.  This survey is anonymous; we won’t collect your name or e-mail address, so we won’t be using the results to market to you.  We just want honest answers.

Please tell your friends and family to take part in this important research too.  Remember there are no right or wrong answers – only your answers and every one counts.

Thank you,
The SelectSpecs Team.

Chris (SelectSpecs)

Chris is the Web Content Manager for and usually blogs about new product releases, celebrity eyewear or the latest movie releases. He also runs the Sport Glasses and Movie Glasses sites as well as his own personal Movie Blog just for fun.

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