It’s one of the most common problems for glasses wearers everywhere. I’ve suffered with it for many years and I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who feel exactly the same.

Whether your nose is too big / too small / too stick outy / not sticky outy enough or your ears are too high / too low / too far away / too close, there are so many different contributing factors as to why your glasses don’t fit your face.

And whilst I’m forever thankful for all those vloggers, bloggers and internet writers who are out there sharing their tips on how to make their glasses fit better, I can’t help but think that all their advice is absolutely no use to most of us. Why? Because most of us aren’t even sure why our glasses don’t fit in the first place.

So before you set out to fix this and that, and before you adjust your temples or rub beeswax on your nose pads, let’s take a step back and figure out what the problem is.

Here are 3 all too common problematic scenarios and some tips on how to make your glasses fit properly…


If your glasses keep sliding down your face and you find yourself pushing them back up every 5 seconds *sigh*, most people jump to the conclusion that their glasses are too big for their face. But actually, the most common issues are caused by the temples not having the right curve to stay securely tucked behind the ears or the nose bridge not fitting the top of your nose properly. The reason why this is such a common problem is because everyone’s face is so unique that it’s impossible to get the perfect fit without custom face-mapping for every individual.

Quick Fixes: If you have plastic frames, you may be able to apply heat to the temples and bend them to fit. Alternatively, you can do what Youtuber ArayaLia Mua does by using hairbands to help your glasses stay on. If you think the problem is with your nose bridge, try rubbing wax to your nosepads to prevent them from slipping.


If you’re sporting lopsided chic this season, the reason is simple; your temples aren’t level and this can be caused by uneven ears. That’s right, it’s not your glasses, it’s you. If you’ve done the test of placing your specs upside down on a flat table to see if your temples are aligned and they pass with flying colours then it’s time to make some adjustments.

Quick Fixes: If it’s you and not your glasses then there’s only one way to fix this. You’ll have to make your glasses wonky to make them unwonky. Use the Select Specs 10 Piece Glasses Toolkit, available to order now.



Sure, your glasses aren’t sliding down your face like Mrs A (AKA me) but scenario C can be just as frustrating. After just half an hour of wearing your specs, the pressure from the pinching temples is sure to give you a headache. If you are suffering from soreness due to your glasses being tight, the reason is because the frames are simply too small for your face.

Quick Fixes: The best way is to shop for a better fitting pair (see our current range of prescription glasses) but if you need a quick solution to relieve your pain, try filing the hinge joints so that the angle is 120 degrees. Some people also like to use the heating method to bend the temples outwards.

By james