You may have noticed some changes around here…

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new version of our website!  In between countless cans of Dr Pepper, doughnuts and other sweet things, our developers have been hard at work making some big changes to our website, some noticeable and others not so. The changes include:-

Improved drop down navigation

We’ve given our drop down menus some jiggery pokery to make them easier to use and to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ve also added a new “Brands” drop down menu so you can quickly find your favourite brands.

New ‘Virtual Dispenser’ – Easy to use prescription system

Our new prescription system, dubbed the Virtual Dispenser, is our new party piece and is what we feel going to “change the way customers buy prescription glasses online”.

Based on your chosen glasses use and entered prescription values, we can present you with a list of lenses and personalised pricing.  We can also recommend you the lens we feel is the most suitable for your prescription.  Our Virtual Dispenser system is sure to make buying prescription glasses online a far more enjoyable experience.

Our new Virtual Dispenser system now caters for those with prisms and double value pupillary distance values (ie, 32/31), something our previous system was missing.

Our Virtual Dispenser will be developed further with new features and lens options becoming available over the coming months.

Saving prescriptions

A feature that many customers having been requesting is the ability to save prescriptions for later use.  We’ve listened to these requests and implemented a solution that will allow customers to do just this!  All prescriptions are saved automatically to the customers account so these can be used for any future transactions.

Lower pricing – Lens price list

To remain competitive and to offer a better value product, we have cut the prices of many of our stock lenses.  If your prescription falls outside of our stock ranges then we can offer you lenses (if available) on special order at a slightly higher price.

You can see an ‘at a glance’ chart of the lenses we offer, complete with pricing here.

Here are some price comparisons from our old to new site.

Lens Type



1.56 High Impact Lens (SV)
£15.00 £19.95
1.61 Super Thin Lens (SV)
1.74 UltraX Super Thin (SV)
£50.00 £79.95
1.50 Rear Surface Varifocal
£40.00 £80.00

Friendly “Live Chat” service

We’re now offering a friendly Live Chat service from 9am to 5pm GMT.  Our customer service advisors are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have about a product, an order you are about to place or an existing order.  Simply click on the “Ask a Question” box at the top right hand corner of your screen.

WorldPay payments

We now offer payments through RBS WorldPay’s 100% secure system.  We’ll still happilly accept payments via cheque (drawn on UK bank accounts) and offer a 5% discount for using this payment method.

Back end developments

We’ve made some significant changes to way our website functions, these changes will help to ensure our website is much snappier to use.

What does the future hold?

We have further exciting plans to develop the brand and website and we will announce these changes in due course. 🙂

One thought on “You may have noticed some changes around here…

  1. I like the changes and think that your site and service is tip top for an online glasses/spectacles company. Well done to you lot. Selling spectacles is not simple and trying to make it as simple as possible without ignoring the necessities is good for users. Salute!

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