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Book an Audiology Consultation

Simply read through our Audiology consultations options below, then request a consultation using the provided form below.

FREE Consulation. Pre-Hearing Aid (10 Minutes)

This 10 minute free consultation enables you to ask our Audiological team any question you may have about your hearing and how a hearing aid can help you. Our trained and experienced Audiologists may ask you some questions to get a better understanding of your hearing and hearing problems, this will help get a better understanding on what type and model of hearing aid you could benefit from.

Some of the common discussion points are as follows:

  • Where you struggle most with your hearing and your hearing struggles e.g. crowded rooms, TV etc
  • Hearing aid options and the benefits of hearing aids to you
  • The difference between digital and pre-programmed hearing aids
  • Hearing aid maintenance and how easy hearing aids can be
  • Hearing aid programmes and/ or optional extras
  • Discussion in regards to your Audiogram results if you have provided us with one

FREE Consulation. After Sale (10 Minutes)

So you’ve purchased a hearing aid, now what?

We offer a free consultation to help you on your journey to better hearing. A hearing aid can be confusing at first, we understand this, so why not take advantage of our free consultation. Our in-house audiological team can talk you through on how to get the best out of your hearing aid device.

They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and try to get a clear understanding of your expectations towards the hearing aid.

Common discussion points are as follows:

  • Expectations of the aid and what to expect from it
  • Potential pit falls prior to fully adjusting to your new hearing aid
  • General maintenance and how to insert the hearing aid if you’re having difficulties
  • Discussion on how your hearing aid can be re-adjusted remotely (if applicable)
  • We can discuss your Audiogram results if you have provided us with one
  • Discuss our other add-on products such as our remote control etc.

If more time is needed then a paid consultation can be arranged.

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