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How to Guides

A series of 'how to' guides advising you on how to get the best out of your glasses or sunglasses.


Cleaning & caring for your glasses

Learn how to clean and take care of your glasses to ensure longevity of your face furniture.

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Making adjustments to your glasses

Learn how to make simple adjustments to your glasses for a better fit.

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Finding the right size glasses

We'll decipher the numbers on your glasses and explain what they mean.

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Removing scratches from your lenses

5 tips worth knowing to help removing scratches from your glasses lenses.

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Stop your glasses from slipping

5 tips worth knowing to prevent your glasses from slipping down your nose.

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Stop your glasses from fogging up

7 tips worth knowing to prevent your glasses from fogging up.

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Looking for more guides?

Find more comprehensive guides to help you with your buying research.

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