8 of the Best YouTuber Specs!

The world of YouTube has become an internet sensation, with over a billion users and every interest and hobby covered by an array of videos, there really is something for everyone.

With this roaring success the producers of these videos have become celebrities in their own right, who now often branch out into other areas such as books and merchandise. Approximately 60% of the UK population wears glasses and/or contact lenses meaning, of course, so do YouTubers!

Since they’re at the cutting edge of new entertainment, maybe they’re at the cutting edge of eye wear too, so here are a collection of my favourites!

1. PewDiePie

Senpai and kouhai

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PewDiePie or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber with a mammoth 43 million subscribers and 11 billion views and he is unsurprisingly one of the most viewed people on YouTube.

Originally Felix gained popularity through videos on gaming and quickly gained a large fan base, he has since branched out in his content including vlogs and more conversational videos.  His best selling book ‘This Book Loves You‘ and upcoming The PewDiePie Movie show his success is nowhere near over as his continues to go from strength to strength.

PewDiePie seems to be a fan of Persol as seen in this post for all his eye wear, and prescription specs are no exception. It looks like he’s wearing the Persol PO3046V here with a statement silver bridge and stylish round shape he shows off his fun style. You can’t expect be a good gamer without perfect eyesight!

2. Zoella

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No post about YouTubers would be complete without the amazingly successful Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella. At last count she had amassed a whopping 10 million subscribers and 713 million views!

She has become the best known beauty guru and has even developed her own beauty range with Superdrug and book series Girl Online.

Many of Zoella’s subscribers love her style and cute OOTDs, and what outfit would be complete without some fab shades!  These Celine CL41045S shades are a great match for Zoe’s and add a glamorous finishing touch to any outfit, even your PJs!  For a look at Zoella’s prescription eyewear check out this post.

3. Tyler Oakley

A photo posted by Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley) on

Tyler Oakley is a funny vibrant YouTuber whose videos are so approachable and entertaining he has gathered 8 million subscribers and 564 million views!

He has dedicated much of his time and influence to LGBT issues and has done a lot of work with The Trevor Project, as well as his book Binge and documentary Snervous.

Tyler’s ever changing hair colours and consistent specs have become iconic features of his look over the years. The Savannah P2383 are only £10.00 meaning you can steal his style on a budget! They suit most face shapes and as Tyler demonstrates go from casual to formal perfectly, what more could you ask for!

4. IJustine

Hello my name is __________ A photo posted by Justine Ezarik / iJustine (@ijustine) on

I Justine aka Justine Ezarik is a Youtuber and actress, with 2 million subscribers 439 million views she has an impressive fan base! She produces a variety of videos for her YouTube channel from gaming and tech, to cooking attempts and vlogs, giving her a wide ranging appeal. She has appeared in TV shows such as Law and Order, Vampire Diaries and even an old favourite The Price is Right!

Justine shows us all how to wear coloured frames easily with a more subtle complementary shade of blue. The frames look fantastic with her blonde hair and help to bring out the colour of her eyes. For an easy to wear blue frame just like Justine’s try the Carrera 5023 to add a twist of colour to your look.


5. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles aka Jenna Mourey is a YouTube comedian with a seriously impressive 15 million subscribers and almost 2 billion views.  Along with her canine sidekicks Marbles and Kermit, she posts hilarious videos every Wednesday.

Her outgoing fun personality is reflected by her amazing multi-coloured hair, style and of course eyewear! Here Jenna is covered in accessories and of course accompanied by her pooch Marbles.

The Savannah 8121 in Pink is a good match, the large style makes them great for fashion use, sunglasses and prescription lenses. Get ready for the game in girly style like Jenna for only £10.00!

6. Julien Solomita

Julien Solomita is Jenna Marble’s boyfriend and they often appear in each others’ videos, you just can’t have one without the other! However with 812,000 subscribers and more than 111 million views Julien is definitely popular in his own right. He mostly uploads videos documenting his life but also gets involved with a whole host of other projects including working with other channels.

Here Julien is wearing some great two-toned clubmaster style frames, the classic style is great for suiting most people and face shapes. The classic style goes with any outfit and suits both men and women. The Infinity 2083 is a steal for £25.00 you can get the look without breaking the bank!

7. Troye Sivan

A photo posted by Troye Sivan (@troyesivan) on

Troye Sivan aka Troye Mellet is a South African born, Australian YouTuber who has swept to success with 4 million subscribers and 242 million views.

He is well known for his close friendship with Tyler Oakley, working within the LGBT community and his amazing singing. His debut album Blue Neighbourhood was released in December reaching the top 10 in the US, UK and Australia!

Troye’s cute round specs look great with his curly hair and blue eyes, they complete his youthful fun style perfectly. They look a lot like the Celine CL41381 and the thick black frames make them oh so geek chic!

8. Grace Helbig

WE’RE BOTH HAVING FUN. A photo posted by Grace Helbig (@gracehelbig) on

Grace Helbig first gained popularity through the YouTube web series DailyGrace, but has since moved on to her own channel ItsGrace and gained almost 3 million subscribers and an impressive 185 million views.

She posts 3 videos weekly and is well known for her awkward comedic style, she speaks to every uncomfortable girl in an honest and down to earth tone that has gained her a loyal fan base.  She has a book series Grace’s Guide and in 2015 hosted her own TV show on E! The Grace Helbig Show.

Here Grace is sporting some staple rectangular frames with a more interesting stripped design, this style suits most people and is a great example of wearability with a twist. Grace’s specs look a lot like the Dolce and Gabbana DG3227 and although they claim to be a men’s frame are definitely fab for women too.

So which is your favourite YouTuber style? Are you considering picking up a camera and starting a channel of your own yet?

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