Melissa McCarthy’s Sassy Sunglasses in The Boss Movie

Melissa McCarthy The Boss Sunglasses

Our favourite funny woman Melissa McCarthy is back with her new movie, “The Boss”, which hit cinemas this week.

The film tells the story of Michelle Darnell, one of the richest and most influential women in America who’s arrested for inside trading and sent to prison. After she gets out, she tracks down her former assistant Claire (played by Kristen Bell) to help her. While staying with Claire and her daughter, she embarks on an unusual new business venture with hillarious results.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the trailer below:

As you can see, millionairre Michelle Darnelle is always dressed to impress. From her expensive-looking clothing and jewellery to her perfectly-coiffed hair do, she doesn’t let a stint in prison affect her style credidentials. And just like any fashionista, she’s no stranger to a good pair of sunglasses. Throughout the film, Melissa McCarthy’s character is spotted in various pairs of shades that perfectly complement her outfits.

So, what sunglasses is she wearing and how can you get the look? Well SelectSpecs have the answers. Let’s take a look at Melissa McCarthy’s best eyewear moments in The Boss.

Stylish Cat Eye Sunglasses

Melissa McCarthy The Boss Sunglasses

The first pair of sunglasses we see Michelle Darenelle wearing are these cat eye sunglasses during a scene set in the park. She models the stylish dark brown shades with a high-neck sweater combo and some glitzy earrings. Cat eye shades have a glamorous appeal, so they suit her classy and charasmatic style to a tee.

We’re not sure where Michelle’s sunglasses are from, but with her riches we assume that they’re designer. Worry not though, because we have an almost identical dupe. The Vogue VO2941S sunglasses feature round cat eye frames in dark havana brown.

Vogue VO2941S sunglasses

Retro Red Shades

Melissa McCarthy The Boss Red Sunglasses

After her fall from grace, Michelle sets about building a new business model for a Brownie empire along with the help of assistant Claire and her daughter. Well that explains the red hats then. Of course, no fashionista would be seen in a mis-matched outfit, so Michelle coordinates her new beret with a red lip and a pair of matching red shades. Very Parisian.

Her style of choice are a pair of over-sized square sunglasses with red frames which have a retro-inspired look. The Epsirit ET17855 sunglasses feature a similar look and are available at SelectSpecs.

Espirit ET17855 sunglasses

Chic White Frames

Melissa McCarthy The Boss Glasses

As well as her sassy choice of shades, Melissa McCarthy also sports a great pair of glasses in the movie. As you can see from this scene where Michelle and Claire are recruiting for the “Darnell’s Darlings”, she gets down to business in a pair of cool white-framed specs. Her glasses have cat-eye shaped frames and go perfectly with her string of pearls.

If these bold glasses caught your eye, get a similar look with the Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 638 glasses which feature classic white frames.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 638 glasses

Will you be watching Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss in cinema, or have you already seen it? Let us know which of her on-screen shades you love the most in the comments below!

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