Avengers Endgame: Best Fashion From The Red Carpet Premiere

After years of building up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and hyped by fans and critics alike as the most anticipated film of the year (and dare we say, of the decade?), the gargantuan Avengers Endgame released to a record-shattering £1.5bn opening weekend at the box office and worldwide acclaim as a brilliant, action-packed end to the Infinity Saga .

The inimitable blockbuster saw our heroes face off against Thanos for one last stand, with the fate of the universe resting on their very capable shoulders. We’ll avoid spoilers in this article, but it’s safe to say that Marvel has set the bar extraordinarily high for any further entries in their ever-growing universe.

One of the most entertaining parts of the Avengers films has to be the all-cast ensemble scenes. It’s thrilling for fans to see their favourite heroes assemble on screen, forming alliances ready to deal with whatever comes their way. It’s even better to know that these relationships continue behind the camera, with the cast of the films firm friends in the real world too.

Join us as we take a look at the best fashion from the heroic cast (and their friends!), papped on the red carpet Endgame premiere. What’s your favourite look? Tell us in the comments below!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth


While it’s his brother Chris that stars as Avengers hero Thor, Liam Hemsworth attended the premiere with wife Miley Cyrus.

We adore the pair’s stylish monochrome outfits, with Liam opting for a simple but slick black suit with white open shirt and Miley adorning a gorgeous black sleeveless dress, each look complimenting the other.

Miley’s chunky silver jewellery makes for an impactful look, but it’s Liam’s suave, classic sunglasses that really steal the show for us. Slick eyewear can add an edge to an otherwise simple look, and this is a perfect example.

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Natalie Portman


We’re in love with the look here from Thor star Natalie Portmam. Stepping out in a black sleeveless top (with gorgeous neckline and button-down detailing), her black printed maxi skirt is an example of a statement piece done right.

Tucking her top into her skirt creates a beautiful silhouette, and we’re obsessed with the skirt’s cutaway detailing too (perfect to reveal a stunning black heel!)

This is red carpet done right.

Chris Evans


Cutting a slick look above in a slim fit suit is Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

Opting for a royal blue blazer and trousers (possibly in reference to his character’s penchant for the colour), Chris shies away from a classic white shirt and instead chooses mint, paired with a navy tie.

It’s an assured look that proves experimenting with pops of colour can definitely pay off – especially when teamed with the right accessories. Chris’ shades here are a great example, which serve to lift the classic look with a touch of modernity.

Aviators are a universally loved frame shape, and for good reason. The style staple deserves a spot in any wardrobe thanks to its ability to tread the line carefully between casual and formal.

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Brie Larson


Two Captains, two gorgeous red carpet looks – but only Brie Larson (who plays the fantastic Captain Marvel) brought her own Infinity Gauntlet to the show!

We love the playful nod here to the pivotal accessory from Infinity War and Endgame, which looks beautiful when paired with Brie’s stunning lilac dress.

This is a great example of playful (even geeky!) accessories looking gorgeous when worn with confidence – never be afraid to express yourself, and have fun while doing it!

Robert Downey Jr


Robert Downey Jr attended the premiere in a suit slick enough to impress Tony Stark himself.

Wearing a double breasted navy blazer over a beige collared shirt and black boots, the Iron Man star cut a dapper look on the red carpet.

We’re obsessed with his yellow/orange tinted frames here, too. Oversized and bold, they’re the kind eyewear that screams confidence.

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