Captain America Becomes Captain Aviator!


We all know that often classics are the best and that also goes for styles and accessories. After all, one of the most iconic styles by Ray-Ban are the Aviator sunglasses.

They’re used tirelessly in the movie industry, not only by people in the industry, but by iconic movie characters too.  The latest example being Captain America of course – he’s almost one hundred years old and he still rocks the Aviator look like a boss!

Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans is known for many badass and playful roles, from rambunctious and immature roles, like Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, to the righteous solider Captain America.

He always seems to bring a cool style and a lovable awkwardness to the roles he plays, none more so than his embodiment of the Captain in the recently booming Marvel franchise. From awkward wannabe soldier to badass superhero, he’s owned this iconic role.

Maybe one of the things that’s helped him in becoming so iconic could be the Ray-Ban RB3026 Aviator sunglasses the Captain is seen sporting throughout the franchise.  This classic accessory makes a big appearance in the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War instalment.


Captain America Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator History

Having been round since the late 1930’s (and before Steve Rogers even become Captain America), the style originally intended for fighter pilots soon spread to the rest of the nation. So that’s why the style has a trendy, old school feel to them that still resonates with people today – almost like a poster child for what cool looks like.

With the classic thin metal frame and the big, curved lenses, they’re recognisable everywhere. Nowadays you can go beyond the classic frame though and customise your aviators to any colour or go all high-tech with a carbon fibre frame, like the RB8307 Aviator Carbon Fibre.

You can even get snazzy lenses now, from brown into gold, green into silver, brown into pink, green and even orange, too. The types of lenses vary model to model from super shiny, multi-layer mirror lenses (that help reduce glare) to polarized lenses (to reduce brightness) to mirrored lenses, like the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Flash Lenses model. As with most ranges they come in children and adult sizes.

So pilots and namely Captain America aren’t the only ones that can pull of the iconic look.  Do you love Ray-Ban Aviators?  Let us know why in the comments section below.

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