George Clooney: American Fashion Icon

Style is the sum of accurate decisions in terms of fashion and lifestyle. You are what you wear, and in the case of our star George Clooney, it is a matter of natural habit.

George Clooney is the reason why people talk about the perfect gentleman as this actor is the epitome of a red-carpet killer.

The handbook of fashion is made for style icons like Mr. Clooney: actor, worldwide role model for all gentlemen, and young aspiring men looking to portray that class act.

George Clooney, a fashion titan, has attended many red carpets and is a Hall of Famer in terms of elegant style.


Perfect Gala Attire

Never one step behind, always two steps forward.

The actor is a perfect example for men who are addicted to elegant style.

Flawless, impeccable and well planned.

On the red carpet George shines opting for colors such as black, gray and classic choices.

Always pictured looking dapper in a suit, tie or bow tie.

Mr. Clooney is now 56, and his fitted suits generate a sense of maturity and elegance we rarely see on young fashion icons.


Relaxed Open Collar

How can you hate an outstanding style like Clooney’s?

Regardless of the outfit or event, he is a natural when it comes to wearing suits or shirts.

This sense of relaxation is one of the reasons why we love him.

Tuxedos might be boring as this formal style is not everyone’s passion.

But what George Clooney does with his shirts is no magic trick.

An open collar is recommended if you are at an event, want to relax and enjoy the vibe and mood of the place.

I mean, you can always do that when you’re the ambassador of Nespresso, and drink your coffee like a smooth gentleman.


Casual & Simple

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The actor keeps it short and simple for his off-duty style.

Often seen wearing relaxed denim, cotton shirts, leather jackets and blazers.

He keeps the colors in the same range as we have a domination of black, gray, green or white and this is a pattern followed without exception.

In terms of fashion tastes, if you’re over 40 and tend to wear old-fashioned clothes, you can copy George Clooney’s options.

Navy pants or leather jackets will make people think you’re reborn.


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Stylish Watches

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A must-have accessory for our hero is the Omega watch.

As (you guessed) he is the fashion ambassador of this luxurious brand.

There is no surprise that his favorite watches are gray or black colored.

His favorite, the Speedmaster 57′ Co-axial Chronograph 41.5mm, is a timeless and elegant item.


Outstanding Shades

Sunglasses are not an exception.

It is his way of saying, ”I can do this, just trust me.”

And how about one of the most stylish colors of the season: Havana?

Mr. Clooney recommends Persol, as this is his favorite brand.

Worn at different events and even at the romantic wedding with Amal.

Today, we present to you the magic of Persol PO 3055S. 

With polarized and round-shaped lenses, Persol offers you comfort and a state of relaxation out of this world.

It generates a cool and young look and George Clooney approves.

No holding back, they have to be yours.

All-rounders are cool. Take a look at Jason Statham’s fashion masterpiece

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