Gisele Bundchen’s Effortless Style

If the world economy has the USA and tennis has Federer, the world of top models has been dominated by its queen: Gisele Bundchen. The one and only Brazilian-born model is a universal image of beauty, as her perfect body remains an attraction for the flash of the lenses.

Although no longer a Victoria’s Secret model, her style and promotion of fashion trends & brands are undebatable: Gisele is a five-star celebrity.

Last year, Forbes stated she was still the highest paid model with impressive earning of $30.5 million. With an income like this, we don’t need to worry about her outfits.

Master of Fashion


In a discipline like cricket or tennis, what Gisele represents is called an ”all-rounder.”

She is impeccable regardless of style. An avid fan of wearing dresses and high heels for special occasions, but you can’t rule out her off-duty style.

Gisele kills the competition with just one easy touch. All it takes is a pair of denim jeans, T-shirt and jacket.

Miss Bundchen makes everything look easy as the pieces fit perfectly. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she confessed her favorite items for a casual walk are just “jeans and a T-shirt.”

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At this year’s MET gala, Gisele didn’t disappoint viewers.

And a lady needs a masterpiece to go with a gold boxed clutch purse. She was dressed in a Stella Mccartney open-back silver dress which made the impression that we have a new Cinderella under the sun.

Her beautiful face and body are always the main event of the day, but her taste in fashion makes the model the best example of ultimate elegance.

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Summer Mood


Born in a country with high temperatures, it is no miracle that her body is designed to attract the best tan.

Gisele loves wearing summer clothes. It could be a very nice silk or cotton dress or just a T-shirt and shorts.

She might even go for gold with a transparent dress and pair of sandals ideal for a summer party. Talk about sexy and stylish!

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Designer Fan


As a multi-millionaire, the model is not shy of wearing brands such as Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace or Chanel.

In this picture, with the help of this exquisite Chanel bag, Gisele looks like a classy Parisian lady who loves enjoying the high life of eating at Michelin star restaurants.


How about reminding us that she’s got a perfect body?

The Brazilian-born beauty kicks ass in this picture promoting Givenchy jeans. It’s no wonder why Gisele attracts contracts like a magnet. That pair of jeans screams: I love her!

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Sunglass Addict


As we’ve seen in the first images posted in this article, Bundchen is a huge fan of big lenses as they fit her face shape. No wonder why she loved the Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer. With its simple design and the high quality of the lenses, this item is simply perfect, regardless of the amount of money from your bank account. And Gisele knows how to keep it simple and sweet

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