Healthy Eyesight: Top 5 Tips

An astounding 1 billion people are at risk of blindness, and around 5 billion people will be myopic in the next thirty years as predicted by The American Academy of Ophthalmology.

In this digital age, it has never been more important to take care of your eyes. Working on devices all day and being hooked up on social sites on our phones means our eyes can get little rest.

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet can also help nurture your eyes, just like wearing shades when the sun is out to protect them from UV exposure.

Here are a few tips for keeping your beautiful eyes healthy and in tip-top shape.

Digital Detox

It’s hard if you work online, but it’s vital to take short breaks from your laptop every hour.

Technology is large part of our lives, but reading smaller text on screens for prolonged periods of time can strain eyes, trigger migraines, and effect vision long-term.

Remember to take a quick break and give your eyes a rest from the glare of the screen. Switch to reading a book in bed; not a tablet or phone.

You’ll feel more rested without staring at a bright screen before bed and it will also aid sleep.

Try a gripping Murakami book, such as Norwegian Wood – a sure-fire page turner.

Eat Your Greens

It’s important to eat the right nutrients for your eyes. Green vegetables are full of antioxidants and contain beta-carotene and lutein which protect the macula.

Pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots are also packed with them. It’s easy to make these part of your daily diet; opt for a spinach or rocket salad or make a hearty pumpkin soup for lunch.

Omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fish is also good for general eye health. Packing your plate with fish and greens can’t hurt a healthy eating plan.

Egg yolks are a main source of lutein. Eggs Florentine, anyone? It’s our favourite brunch dish anyway.

Try it at the iconic London restaurant The Ivy.

 Go For a Stroll in the Park

Nature is a cure-all. Go outside for a quick walk and take in the fresh landscape.

Green is supposed to be the most soothing colour for eyes, so head to your local park and soak up mother nature and all the trees, plants and flowers.

Stop by a local cafe and just be. Even a simple 30 minute jaunt can boost energy levels and refresh your eyes.

Quit Smoking

Smoker? Studies show that smokers are four times more likely to develop macular degeneration, a disease linked to blindness.

There are so many illnesses that stem from smoking and it’s important to try and stop.

Blindness is a good enough reason not to do it. Start today and get some patches.

Cover Up With Shades

It’s essential to protect your eyes from the sun in daily life and on holiday in hotter climes or from the glare of snow, UV exposure damages eyes.

Treat yourself to a pair of stylish sunnies such as these ones by Prada:

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