Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle Plays Miles Davis and Nails the Retro Sunglasses Look

don cheadle miles davis sunglasses

Co-written and directed by himself, Don Cheadle also stars as the late and famous jazz legend, Miles Davis. In cinemas now, the movie has received good reviews  from The Guardian, Empire Magazine, Hollywood Report and Vulture.

Vulture’s David Edelstein wrote:

This is probably Cheadle’s most electrified performance since the one that made him a star.

and many who have watched the film will probably agree. Whether this metaphorical storyline of Miles Davis’ relationship with a Rolling Stone journalist bears any truth or similarity to life in the late 70s for the jazz artist, it’s certainly a perfect stage for Cheadle to show off his acting flair.

The style resemblance, we have to admit, is also pretty striking. And when it comes to emulating that retro sunglasses style that was so iconic, Cheadle’s stylists have totally nailed it.

miles davis sunglasses retro

The movie takes you through a fantastical journey and a series of wild events which unravel after Miles Davis’ encounter with a Rolling Stone writer (played by Ewan Mcgregor) and you can expect everything from guns, drugs and stolen tapes whilst the jazz artist is on the brink of a career comeback.

The stylistic nature of the movie is pretty damn cool and artistically shot, the storylines are engaging, and the acting is incredibly convincing. The wardrobe team also deserve an applause for successfully recreating the musician’s most iconic looks.

It’s the sunglasses that make each outfit and Miles Davis’ iconic sunglasses style brings the whole movie together from a fashion point of view. Below are three key looks from the movie, with Don Cheadle as the great Miles Davis, and some style steals available to buy online at Select Specs.

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis LOOK #1

don cheadle miles davis sunglasses

The one lens look is incredibly retro and it was such a popular piece of eyewear for Miles in the 70s. Don Cheadle plays homage to this iconic look in the movie Miles Ahead, and we’ve found some retro shades that have a very similar look…

don cheadle miles davis sunglassesThe Tom FT0471 sunglasses have a cool goggle inspired lens and provide great coverage for the face as well as maximum protection for the eyes. Oh, and they look damn cool.

one lens sunglasses retro 70s

Or if you like the rimless look as seen on Cheadle in the scene above, the Maui Jim Kula sunglasses certainly look the part. Available to buy in 3 colours.

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis LOOK #2

don cheadle miles davis sunglasses 2

These glasses are bold, daring and definitely not designed to blend in. If you love the stand-out style of these retro shades, get the look with our top picks below.

miles ahead sunglasses The Salvatore Ferragamo SF771S men’s sunglasses feature a similar colouring to the ones seen on Cheadle in Miles Ahead and they also have the same geometric silhouette.
retro sunglasses celine men's

If you love the thick plastic rim and the bright red vibes, the Celine CL 41054/S unisex shades are also an accurate effort to help achieve that 70s vintage look and a great addition to your SS16 festival wardrobe.

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis LOOK #3

don cheadle miles davis sunglasses 3

Sunglasses don’t get any jazzier than this. This flamboyant depiction of Miles reveals a self-assured, cocky and highly spirited character. But despite the ups and downs of his personal life and career – as told by this fictional interpretation – Miles Davis never failed to wow with his fashion sense.

versace mens sunglasses retro 70sIt’s hard to find a decent style steal without delving into our ladies’ sunglasses collection. But we did find these Versace VE4275 sunglasses, which have a bold temple embellishment.

retro mens sunglasses versace

And if you want to go uber retro, go for the Versace VE4296 shades in Striped Havana / Brown and bring together a 70s colourway with a retro gold design temple. Also available in a classic Black to emulate the sunglasses style from this particular scene.

Check out the professional aviator sunglasses Tom Hanks went for in new film ‘A Hologram for the King’ here.

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