Star With Style: Lucy Liu

She has worked on films like Jerry Maguire as one of Tom Cruise’s many girlfriends. However, Lucy Liu got her major break when she starred in classic legal TV comedy Ally McBeal. It earned her an Emmy Award nomination in 1999 for best supporting actress.

She’s acted in other major big screen projects like Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill, Chicago and Half The Sky.

In 2012, she found herself working on a TV series called Elementary, similar to Sherlock Holmes where she plays Dr. Watson.

Lucy’s first acting job was when she took part in a school production of Alice in Wonderland. Her other film and acting efforts have included roles in independent films such as Guy (1996), Gridlock’d (1997), and City of Industry (1997).

Razor-sharp Ling Woo

In Ally McBeal, she played the role of a cold, sexually knowledgeable and vicious colleague. It made her the most preferred character on the show.


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Female Crime Fighter

On set of the remake of the 1970s detective series, Lucy portrayed the character of an extremely skilled female martial arts fighter.

Her duties were to protect and rescue computer genius Eric Knox from the bad guys.

Playing Charlie’s angel Alex in the film, she appeared as a multi-talented woman with a penchant for defusing bombs, dancing ballet, and working with NASA.

It was a welcomed change seeing an Asian woman playing one of the angels.


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O-Ren Ishii: Assassin & Tokyo Gang Leader

Playing the role of O-Ren Ishii a.k.a. Cottonmouth as a half-Japanese, half-Chinese-American woman.  

She later became an expert assassin, skilled in marksmanship and sword fighting.

 O-Ren Ishii rose through the ranks and became the world’s top female assassin. She became the head of  Tokyo Yakuza – a Japanese-American yakuza godmother of the Japanese mob.


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Artist, Linguist & Advocate

Lucy is also an abstract painter and artist with a keen interest in painting, sculpture, collage and silkscreen.

She has featured her artwork in many gallery exhibitions, cooperation collections, and international art fairs. Her creations are sold under the pseudonym name of Yu Ling.

Her first exhibition was in 1993 at the Cast Iron Gallery in New York titled Unraveling. 

Other interesting facts about Lucy Liu are she became UNICEF Ambassador in 2004 (supporting children’s health and protection) and she is a wizard with languages.

She can speak Mandarin, Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, and a little Japanese.

In 2000, she presented ‘Saturday Night Live’ and became the first Asian-American female to ever do so since its inception.


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