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Max Mara expresses womanliness and true timeless elegance: it is characterised by high quality materials, modern design, and a tailored style. In the Max Mara range of glasses we find modernity and tradition mixed together, as well as elegance and simplicity. The first Max Mara prescription glasses collection was launched in 1998, with the aim of transmitting that image of elegance and sophistication that is inspired by the other lines and accessories branded Max Mara. Max Mara is a brand that targets the modern woman, aged between 30 and 50, who is financially independent, searching for elegant and sophisticated glasses, characterised by classical details that are not showy.

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MaxMara Occhiali - MM 1305

MaxMara Occhiali MM 1305

1 Colori Disponibili

MaxMara Occhiali - MM 1357/G

MaxMara Occhiali MM 1357/G

1 Colori Disponibili

MaxMara Occhiali - MM 1350

MaxMara Occhiali MM 1350

1 Colori Disponibili

MaxMara Occhiali - MM 1230

MaxMara Occhiali MM 1230

1 Colori Disponibili