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Waterhaul Occhiali

Waterhaul is a social enterprise based in Cornwall whose focus is on transforming the ocean’s most harmful plastic into a resource, and inspiring positive environmental action. We intercept plastic from our coastline and recycle it into high-quality, functional products for adventure and ‘symbols for change’. We’ve created the World’s first Recycled Ocean Plastic Litter Picker with the plastic components made from 100% recycled fishing nets as well as eyewear made from 100% recycled fishing net plastic with polarised, mineral glass lenses.

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Waterhaul - CRANTOCK

Waterhaul CRANTOCK

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Waterhaul - HARLYN

Waterhaul HARLYN

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Waterhaul - SENNEN

Waterhaul SENNEN

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Waterhaul - KYNANCE

Waterhaul KYNANCE

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