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Reglaze My Glasses / Sunglasses

Give your favourite pair of prescription glasses (or sunglasses) a new lease of life with our premium lens replacement service starting from only $32.25 including lenses. Offering great value, this service is perfect for those looking to extend the life of their existing eyewear.



Including Lenses & Coatings



Including Lenses & Coatings



Including Lenses & Coatings

Replacing your lenses is easy

This is how it works...

Step 1

Choose the frame style you want to reglaze.

(we can also reglaze sunglasses, with or without prescription lenses, but they must not have a curvature or oversized lenses - please see the "What you should know" section below or contact us for more information if required)

Step 2

Enter your prescription and choose your lenses.

(For varifocals/progressives, please ensure the minimum height of your frame is 26mm)

Step 3

Pay for your order and send your frames to us by insured post to:

Lockwoods Yard, The Grove, Westgate on Sea, Kent, UK. CT8 8AS.

Please include your order number, name and address with your frame.

Step 4

We'll fit your new lenses, complete our 14 point quality check and return your glasses to you within 7-14 days.

Please note
we can only return your frames via insured post or courier.

Lens prices for reglaze orders

This is an indication of our reglaze prices for clear lenses only. More lens and tinted options are available once you start your order.

Prices correct as of October 2016 and are subject to change at any time. Prices are 'from' and can vary for higher prescriptions.

Our lenses - including standard coatings Single Vision Bifocal Varifocal
Standard 1.50 FREE $26.87 $43.00
Thin & Light 1.56 $5.37 $69.87 $96.75
BlueGuard 1.56 $10.75 - -
High Impact 1.56 $16.12 $75.25 $107.50
Polycarbonate 1.59 $10.75 $53.75 $96.75
Super Thin 1.60 $21.50 $107.50 $86.00
Ultra Super Thin 1.67 $43.00 $193.49 $118.25
UltraX Super Thin 1.74 $64.50 - $214.99
Elite Super Thin 1.76 $193.49 - -

What you should know

Frame Condition
Frames must be in good original condition and not liable to break during the glazing process. Frames should not be adapted or repainted in any way.

Semi-Rimless/Rimless Frames
Semi-Rimless/Rimless frames must have at least one non-broken lens in order to be reglazed.

Curved Frames / Oversized Lenses
Unfortunately, we're unable to reglaze frames or sunglasses with a curvature or large lenses. Please contact us if you're unsure if your frame is suitable.

Varifocal/Progressive Lenses
If you're choosing to reglaze a frame with varifocal/progressive lenses, please ensure the minimum height of your frame is 26mm. Unfortunately we're unable to glaze a frame with varifocal lenses if the height is less than this.

All reglazes are done at the customers own risk. Ensure your frames are sent to us via an insured method, we cannot be held responsible for frames lost in the post.

Please note
While we make every effort to ensure all reglaze orders are completed, there are occasions where we're unable to complete the reglaze due to damage, brittle frames or a frame design that is not suitable for new lenses to be fitted successfully. In these cases we will contact you to advise you and return your frame and offer a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund postage fees.

If you feel your frames may not be suitable for reglaze or would like advice, please contact us (include a picture of the frame if possible) and we'll be happy to assist you before you place your order.

Lindberg Frames
Unfortunately, due to the complexity of these frames, we're unable to provide a reglaze service for this brand.

Reglaze Service - Customer Reviews

194 Review(s) - Add your review

 99% of customers recommend this product (97 of 98)

Customer Images

  Very very impressed :)

18th May 2014

I have been a Selectspecs customer since 2009, and have been consistently impressed with the quality of workmanship, low prices and friendly customer service. After having my glasses reglazed with Selectspecs after not giving into the pressure sales tactics from another high street opticians, I was so impressed I sent in my mum's glasses for reglazing with my own. The said high-street optician charged £70 for one pair of glasses, and Selectspecs charged just under £80 for two pairs of glasses. The quality, speed and great customer service is exactly the same as it was 5 years ago, and my mum and I will definitely be using Selectspecs again in the future.

  Great value and excellent customer service

9th April 2014

They respond very quickly to all inquiries and everything was as advertised. This is the best deal I could find for my high prescription needs. I am happy with my purchase. Would order again and tell my friends.

  Good price

7th April 2014

It is worth it for the price. Delivery is around 1 to 2 weeks though.

  Good product

24th March 2014

While I am content with the final product delivered, I must admit the I was not best impressed with the service at SelectSpecs. I had to return the original pair of glasses that I received as the lenses were not correctly centred. The second pair fit me very well.

It seemed that I would be reimbursed for the shipping cost to return the glasses in the event of a mistake on the part of SelectSpecs. However, nowhere was it stated that I must send in a receipt to prove the amount spent on shipping. Therefore, I was not reimbursed fully for my shipment. While the sum in shipping is small compared to the cost of the glasses, I was disappointed with the service on basis of the principle.

SelectSpecs.com says...
Hi, sorry to hear you're not satisfied with the service, proof of postage is a requirement before we can make a refund, this is clearly stated on the RMA form that you signed before returning the frame.

  Brilliant, ultra-rapid service

5th February 2014

I ordered specs from selectspecs but they had just sold out of my size in that particular frame. I was offered as recompense an immediate refund and a small but welcome discount on any other frames(s) and/or glazing I wished to choose.

I eventually chose frames in the size I needed and had them glazed - a perfect job. This was the fifth pair of glasses I have had over the last few years from Selectspecs, either as a fully glazed pair or reglazed, and they have all been high quality and absolutely excellent value. And I have very poor eyesight and rely heavily on my glasses. Important to know when things go even slightly wrong that the firm you're dealing with will sort things out quickly and honourably. - Well done Selectspecs!!!

From a very demanding but satisfied customer

SelectSpecs.com says...
Thanks for your great words, we're happy you're satisfied! :)

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